2020 Reasons I Love You

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I woke up on Thursday 31st December to find an email in my inbox, starting with the words – “READ THIS TONIGHT”. So I obeyed. I had to get to work, so I was more than happy he wanted me to read it later.

His email contained 2020 reasons I love you. He must have been working on it for a very very long time! I have not managed to read all of it yet – I am too sleepy. But as well as a list that goes on and on and on and on – there are some photos of us and some songs – it will take me ages to complete it.

I will go back to his email again and again and again. It seems to be the be-all-and-end-all of love letters. He called me at five minutes to midnight and we had one of those conversations over the phone when you just know the other person is smiling from ear to ear although you cannot see them – (my phone is a tin and a string jobby).

Can I ask you – is there a better way to end the year than trying to read a list someone has compiled of 2020 reasons he loves you? Sometimes Jack simply takes my breath away? I am working this morning, but this afternoon I plan to carry on reading the most sublime love letter I ever received!!!!!!!!!

Oh and guess what was on BBC4 last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it a crime that I have watched “The Sound of Music” twice in five days?

Sometimes all I can feel is joy – sometimes I know nothing else but joy!