Rocking The Picnic Theme

As the social distancing restrictions began to ease here in England, I enjoyed quite a few Sunday afternoon picnic with friends, I was on the hunt for perfect picnic treats. Well, here is a blogger who has come up with the ideal PICNIC invention.

Tandy Tandy Sinclair, the creator of  Lavender and Lime, has rustled up these fabulous Vegetable Cups, which have PICNIC perfection written all over them.

I have no shame in admitting I would feel the need to load about ten of these onto my picnic plate. This is Tandy’s post where you can find the recipe to make the quintessential picnic treat.

Vegetable Cups | Sweet Potato And Butter Beans

Vegetable Cups (2)

Thank you to Tandy for rocking the picnic theme! Our international, multicultural community of WordPress bloggers have been busy. Indeed this picnic is going to be rocking all over the world!! Stay tuned as we travel the world with more BAKING and PICNIC creations!

15 thoughts on “Rocking The Picnic Theme”

    1. It’s been a battle to find eggs where I live. The two main supermarkets closest to me, and the mini supermarket seem to sell out very quickly. There are some in the organic supermarket but they are very expensive. But I found a Little Waitrose near work that always has organic free range eggs. I think they have had less custom with so many businesses and the gym above them being closed.


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