Caramel Cuddles

I like Jack being back.


These months of working long hours and not seeing anyone have made me feel like I am not me anymore. But holiday time is a great chance to recover and win back some of me. It is also wonderful because after months and months without any hugs at all…now I am the recipient of lots of hugs and cuddles! It’s great!

My Cool Cat

Man, Sun Glasses, Jacket, Portrait, MaleOne of the biggest surprises I have had since Jack came back to England is that he has started wearing glasses. He used to be so vain and wore contact lenses almost all of the time. But he abandoned his contact lenses while out in Africa, and seems to be comfy wearing his glasses now.

He looks cool. He seems to doubt the style of frames he is using and he wants some help to choose the right frames for him. I like his glasses – they are quite bold, but kind of funky. He can pull them off. My cool cat has the personality to pull off anything. I told him that once he posts a photo of himself on Instagram so everyone can check out his new look…he is bound to get lots of confidence boosting comments.