The Big Split

Jack is coming to see me again!!! I have the whole of this week off work! How great is that!! But right now…my head is in uproar. I have had a seriously splitting headache for two days solid and it is not easing off.

Ever since those head injuries…I have had to accept that headaches will now be a part of my life. Before the head injuries, I had never had a single headache in my life. But after a stranger inflicted repeated blows mainly to the right side of my head and left me unconscious, I frequently have pain on the right side of my head. Most mornings I wake up with that pain hovering. But once I am vertical, have taken an ibuprofen and I am hydrating again…it gradually dissipates.


I am an ickle bit anxious because the last appointment I had for a CT scan was cancelled because of the …you know. Until now, I have not been worried because I have not noticed any difference in my head pain. But to have constant pain round the clock and for it not to ease off despite painkillers and lots of liquid is really not convenient.

Work was a real challenge. I just floated around convinced I was going to black out at any moment. I didn’t. But after work, when I was walking back to my little nest, something must have happened. I don’t remember blacking out. But I found myself lying on the floor in the cobbled alley I took to avoid the crowds (yes there are crowds on the high street now that the restaurants and pubs are open). I must have blacked out. In my bag I had my water bottle, so I took a few sips of water and then stood up and carried on walking. I was useless once indoors.

I crawled into the bedroom and went to sleep with this ache on the right side of my head refusing to relent. But I must have fallen asleep, because I woke up at noon the next day!…with that same pain in my head.

Aaaah – I need to speak to my GP tomorrow. It’s no good trying to function like this. Perhaps by then the pain will have eased. So frustrating!


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