I was reading a post from Ashley, the creator of Mental Health @ Home, and I noticed she has a very cool…what’s the word?… “feature” that she can use on her posts. She has a block with her books advertised. You can click the box and it will take you to a post where you can read more about her books, and find a link to Amazon to be able to order a copy.

Well, I mentioned to Ashley that I thought this was a great idea. I am sure that if you have published books, you will know that there is something weird about the process of promoting and marketing them. Hey…we are writers, not advertisers. But having something to discreetly draw attention to the fact you have some books…if anyone would like to read them.

Books Block

Well…it is going to take me a while to write a main book post that will have a bit of a blurb about my books. I need to be wide awake to do that and I am struggling at the moment with a splitting headache that has lasted for two days. But from now on…I am going to frequently use my little book block. If you click it, currently it takes you to Amazon where you can download Book One on Amazon Kindle (for free if you are on Kindle Connect).

Ashley has given me the idea…and I am going to work on perfecting it when my head stops hurting!