Rolling With It!

I am so impressed by Gary, aka bereavedandbeingasingleparent, who has been in intense training for a live BAKE-OFF challenge. He has made some extraordinary BAKES these past few weeks.

I have a feeling that if we were all together physically, enjoying all these amazing BAKING and PICNIC creations, Gary’s next PICNIC productions would vanish very quickly! Who doesn’t love a sausage roll (vegan for me please Gary!) Even better, Gary’s sausage rolls are gluten free.

This was Gary’s wonderful post featuring the story of these sausage rolls (Greggs had better watch out…Gary’s going to be stiff competition!)

Great Bloggers Bake-off



I am going to state the obvious…when it comes to sausage rolls, you gotta roll with it, you gotta take your time…!

We all love a sausage roll…especially a vegan sausage roll!!!

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