I Carried A Watermelon

I am sure you will agree that it is about time we stopped for another drink to wash down all of the delicious BAKING and PICNIC creations from WordPress bloggers.

How thrilled we are that some of the wonderful bloggers who took part in the 2019 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF have been able to take part again this year. You may remember the perfectly petite NAKED CAKE created by popsiclesociety Ribana, creator of Popsicle Society, from last year’s BAKE-OFF.

This year Ribana has supplied a superb Watermelon Cocktail. It certainly tempted Jack! Ribana, Jack wandered down to the organic supermarket, when I showed him your post yesterday, to buy a watermelon and a lime (I already had some booze in the back of the cupboard) so we could make your cocktail. Now you know what we have been drinking all afternoon!

This is Ribana’s post where you can find her cocktail recipe, and believe us, it is delicious!


refreshing watermelon cocktail_Pinterest

When I needed to think of another watermelon musical link…I relied on one of the most famous lines from one of the most iconic chick-flicks of all time…are you ready for that line?

21 thoughts on “I Carried A Watermelon”

    1. It’s so iconic!! Everytime one of me or my friends does something embarrassing we whisper to each other “I carried a watermelon!” It captures those cringeworthy moments when nerves take over so well!

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    1. Being the BAKE-OFF DJ is a scary responsibility! If I pick music the blogger does not like. I had to change all the U2 tracks I had lined up for anyone who made doughnuts, souffle or crumble. Didn’t want to upset the blogger who made them!


    1. I was so sure you had told me in the past that you liked DD!!!
      Ribana the watermelon cocktail was so beautiful…the moonshine Jack added may have contributed to his kitchen catastrophe yesterday. He tried to make Atara’s Choco Lava Mug Cake in a ramekin…and scorched his fingertips!

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      1. Then you remembered very well! Dirty Dancing is my absolute favorite movie 😍😍
        Thank you very much! Jack is very inventive 😉 he just need to be more careful 🤪😉


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