She Has Conquered The Kitchen!!

I knew that our next blogger was going to make something delicious for THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF! Last year she made something delicious…though slightly overcome by the forces of gravity! But this year…gravity, gorgeousness and gloriousness are on her side!

Yes, that’s right…the fantastic Amanda Cade Amanda Cade has made not one, not two, not three…but four awesome Mini-Cheesecakes with a choice of topping for everyone! Caramel for me please Amanda!!!

And….wait for it…they are perfect!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! Go Amanda!!! This is called complete redemption for the chocolate landslide of 2019. Amanda has nailed perfect cheesecakes…with extremely naughty toppings. Surely a cheesecake should have a calorific topping!

Aaaah…the way to my heart is cheesecake…which I say with a tear in my eye, because I have a dairy intolerance. This is the post Amanda published chronicling how she conquered the kitchen this year to produce these beauties:

Thank you so much Amanda!!! Loving the sweet cheesecakes in every way! You rock!!!

22 thoughts on “She Has Conquered The Kitchen!!”

    1. We have been overwhelmed by the response! Last year we planned to do the BAKE-OFF over the course of one day, but it crept into two. This year, we decided to make it the whole weekend. Originally the schedule was going to be something like 9am-9pm both days….but we have had so many submissions, we had to start at midnight Fri/Sat and at the rate of one per hour…the last post at the moment will be published Monday at noon! Amazing!

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    1. lol – take her to the Doctor and have her examined!

      Margot, I have a sister who does not like cheesecake, the rest of my family love it. We don’t know whose genes she inherited 🙂 Only kidding, she is gorgeous!!! I love cheesecake but have a dairy intolerance!!!

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