Brilliant Baker Benji

We now have some very awesome baking from the youngest baker in THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE-OFF 2020 SUMMER PICNIC!

Our next brilliant baker is Benji!!  benji1535  benji1535 is the creator of Benji’s Very Big Blog. He also published this post to share with us his secret recipe:


Benji is not the only blogger in his family. His amazing mum Ingrid, Ingrid is the creator Experiments in Fiction.  

What has Benji been BAKING? Brilliant biscuits! He has baked sensational Shortbread. I absolutely love that Benji made his name in shortbread! Golden delicious crumbly buttery shortbread! Could somebody put the kettle on please? These are the perfect accompaniment to a lovely cuppa tea!

Thank you Ingrid for these wonderful photos of Benji’s baking!


This whole weekend has been about fabulous family fun that everybody can be involved with. It’s great to see the whole family getting involved…even Benji’s brother Ollie got involved!


The key to awesome baking is often in the beat!!!


Inspired by our youngest, and perhaps smallest baker this year, I was longing to tag a link to my own favourite chef, who proves that no matter what your size or age…if you love creating kitchen masterpieces, you can go a long way!!!


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