And Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It, Is…

I am on a mission this morning. It is a little tricky. However, it is for my family member who is very ill with cancer. So I am going to be leaving the little abode very early this morning and heading off to execute my mission plan.

Trekking across London in the hopes that by the time I arrive in the area, I will have received a text message telling me exactly which address to go to. I would have preferred the seller to have already sent us their address rather than just their general location.

ebayI am collecting an e-bay purchase and I have to had over the cash and receive the item. Then I have to post it up north as soon as I have it. Anything I can do to help someone I love!

But I have to do it early because I am going to be spending a few hours on a project for a local charity later.

Since I wrote the above, something must have gone wrong. The buyer of the item has re-listed the item…and none of my messages are being sent to him. What do I do? Do I go to the location we arranged? Last night it was all confirmed, the location (at least the tube station I was to head to, they were going to send me the exact location today) , the time, the amount of money I was to take. I have no message from the buyer to say they could not make it. What is going on? This is frustrating.

This is why I steer well clear of ebay and the likes usually. But anything for someone I love!

11 thoughts on “And Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It, Is…”

    1. Thank you Beckie. That’s kind of you. I do love nominations. I will make a start on it.
      I might be a little slow at the moment. I am doing overtime to save pennies for my trip to Australia and also trying to travel from London up to the north to visit family (one of my family is very ill at the moment 😦 ) so it might make me a bit slow with posts – but it is in my drafts folder, and I won;t forget it.

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  1. Work got me a cheap laptop from eBay. When it arrived the keys were in the wrong positions, The seller refused to have it back so Im stuck with it. We took the keys off and we attached them in the correct slots. Only problem is we can’t find here k button is. So can’t when I end a works email words like Talk have to become Talc. Endless fun….

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    1. How bizarre!
      I am entertaining myself thinking of all the songs that contain the word “talk” and how they would sound with “talc” instead.

      “A Little Less Talc And A Lot More Action” – Hank Williams Junior
      “I Don’t Want To Talc About It” – Rod Stewart
      “Talcing In Your Sleep” – The Romantics
      “I Talc Too Much” – Kylie Minogue
      “Girls Talc” – Elvis Costello
      “Keep Talcing” – Pink Floyd
      “Careless Talc” – Billy Joel
      “Talc Is Cheap” – Van Morrison

      …there are so many, I could do this all afternoon!


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