Sizzling Soya Sausages

You seem like someone who once flew fearless and free

Then battered by a storm, knocked right out of the sky

Still nursing broken wings and waiting for feathers

We’d love to see you soaring again up on high

Image by Karl Allen Lugmayer from Pixabay

There are so many of us who feel the pain you must have been through. How many of us would love to heal your wounds and bring back to you the treasure that was taken from you. Your courage and endurance are an inspiration and not a few of us are left with tears after reading about your challenges.

All we can do is read…and like…and comment – our little token of support and appreciation. It is the very least we could do. But if we were neighbours, or friends, and not just bloggers, I am sure we would be eager to do more. And there would be many evenings around the camp-fire with sizzling soya sausages waiting to be devoured. I am sure many of us would bring cake. And whether it is whisky, Becks Blue or herbal tea, there will be plenty to wash down the bangers and cake. I would bring the karaoke machine. I would hope there would be some football.

It wouldn’t solve anything. It would just be fun, and a little light-heartedness. We want you to have more light-heartedness. More and more light-heartedness, until those wings heal and you find yourself flying again. With the woman who was the world to you inspiring you and all of us cheering you. That’s what we all want for you.


This post was inspired by a couple of comments between me and another blogger (who might be cringing with embarrassment when he realizes this is about him!) …

….and is also my response to THE ELEMENTAL CHALLENGE hosted by Tereas aka The Haunted Wordsmith:


Crazy Hectic Days Are Here

I have always had quite a busy life, especially so in London. But right now…it’s all chock-a-blocka!!

I think I am going to have to move down a gear with regards my blogging. Don’t worry, I am by no means losing any enthusiasm for the writing and the very lovely blogging community. It’s just that a lot is happening in the world of Caramel. I seem to have been doing more running round recently and life is feeling rather jam-packed.

I have mentioned a few things in posts recently, but here is basically what is going to be gobbling up more of my time:

  • I have a close family member who is very ill. So I will be travelling to see my family more frequently. Each time it is a round trip of over 450 miles via public transport. It takes me almost six hours to get there on the train.
  • I am saving extra pennies for my trip to Australia to see gorgeous Goldfinch. So I am saying yes to any overtime that is offered.
  • I am not slowing down with any of the volunteer projects I am involved in.
  • I have three weddings to attend before I go to Australia.
  • I have to make sure I have enough sleep – my head pain is bullying me and I find that the less sleep I have the worse it is. I need around ten hours of sleep each night to be able to function normally. I also have a couple of appointments coming up within the neurology hospital who are looking after me now – hmm.
  • A lot of my friends who do unpaid volunteer work overseas nine months of each year are coming back to England to work for three months (to earn the money to go and volunteer for another nine months). I have had several requests if they can stay over after arriving at Heathrow or Gatwick before they travel to their family. I have five weekends when I will be hosting friends throughout April and May.
  • There just seems to be more going on at the moment. More invites to spend time walking with friends or attending events. I am saying yes to everything that is free! And no to anything that would eat into my Australia fund.

In short, I think I am going to seem a bit quiet compared to normal and I will also be a bit slow with responding to prompts and nominations. I love being tagged for various blogging challenges. I really do. However, I already have nine posts in my drafts folder which are nominations or tags from other bloggers. I will do them and I will enjoy working on them. However, please do be patient with me because…I am finding I have less and less time spare.

In addition…I need to eat. I am on a strict budget at the moment due to my Australia fund, so as I cannot survive on a cup-a-soup diet, I am accepting every invite out to dinner I receive! I have some great foodie friends who love nothing better it would seem than hearing me drool over their culinary creation and tell them how delicious their cooking is.

I am still around and will try to keep up with posts in my WP Reader (but I know I have fallen behind). I will try to work on posts when I do have a little time.