Who Is Goldfinch?

A lovely blogger very sweetly asked me in a comment recently: “Who is Goldfinch?”

Well…where do I begin?


I met Goldfinch in October 2017 and I warmed to him instantly. I wrote a post about the night I met him. It was the Saturday night when the clocks go back one hour. So I had an extra hour with Goldfinch. I will always think of him the night of the extra hour.

How I Used My Extra Hour Last Year

Goldfinch is a very wonderful man (although he does not like me to big him up too much) but he is very wonderful to me.

FinchCaramel (Melody Finch) was feeling rather blue really, just over two years after she was the victim of a serious crime. Prior to that crime, she had a very stressful situation which mushroomed into some pretty intense bullying, for over two years. Caramel was finding interaction with men ever so challenging! One lovely friend tried wining and dining Caramel in the hopes she would warm to him. But it was not the right time. Then there was another man, who seemed nice at first but then turned out to be quite a letdown. Aaah sigh!

GoldfinchI was actually in the Midlands, miles from home, and yet again had been let down by this man. Then all of a sudden there was Goldfinch, he just happened to walk in. Caramel was quite bowled over by Goldfinch. He was gorgeous. She fell completely into his arms and felt so happy and safe and warm. Goldfinch brought deep smiles and happiness to Caramel. But Goldfinch was always reminding Caramel that he was going to fly home to Australia.

two goldfinches.jpgAnd so the day came. It was much later than expected. Originally we thought it might be March 2018 when he would go But it was December 2018 when he returned to Australia. Plenty of time for Caramel to fall more deeply in love. Goldfinch helped Caramel feel she could fly again and made her far less blue. Flying next to Goldfinch was exciting and yet I felt safe.

That is not the whole story…but I don’t think you want another long long post from me on a Monday morning do you? So to the lovely blogger who asked me “Who is Goldfinch?”, the answer is, he was, and he is, my dream lover. And I am flying all the way to Australia to see him soon!

So from there it started. Me being smitten with a man I knew was soon to leave to go back to Australia. I have written many posts about Goldfinch and the awareness that he was going, but that I was very much in love with him.

There are a number of bloggers who have been lovely and supportive all the way through my romantic drama, but if you see my references to Goldfinch and have no idea what I am talking about, these posts might give you a bit more of an idea (there are more posts about Goldfinch, but I think this is more than enough):

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