Still As Exciting As When I Was Sweet Sixteen

in love again.jpgI have been feeling so excited about seeing Goldfinch 🙂

You have no idea how much I am trying to reign in my excitement for everyone else’s sake! And of course I don’t want Goldfinch to be sick and tired of me before I even arrive!

But it is sooooooooooooooo exciting!!! I feel like a kid again – falling in love for the very first time. I have never travelled so far. I have never spent so much money on one thing. (That might sound odd, but I have never bought a car or a property and all of my previous travel has been paid for.)

love 1You know I think I need to state that I have no expectations. Nothing has changed. We are still two people who had a great thirteen months together, but now live on opposite sides of the planet. But I am able to spend a little time with him – and I am really really looking forward to it.

I am excited, but simply because I can’t wait to be with him. Nothing else is going to happen. My life is not like a novel or a Hollywood movie. I have no expectations except to be held by him and to enjoy my time with him. Then I will be on a plane on the way back to England before you know it and back to the old grindstone!

But I am still very excited. It’s a long way to go just because you want to hold someone’s hand and stare into their eyes. Even though I am in my thirties, I do sometimes feel like I am still sweet sixteen…going on seventeen.