Time And My Tummy

Thank you for all of the very kind comments on my post yesterday. Each one warmed my heart and I am so grateful to you.

I really am not myself. It reached almost five o’clock yesterday when my tummy told me and I finally realized that I had not eaten all day. I had been drinking coffee, tea and water throughout the day, but somehow, I just forgot all about eating. My mind is just not in gear.

I think not having eaten made me even more heavy hearted. When I did eventually reach home, I had a meal I usually enjoy, but it seemed so bland and tasteless.

I am going to mow the lawn tomorrow before our trip away. It is going to be cold apparently. That is fine, the Lake District is wonderful whatever the weather. The cold is never an issue when you are walking. Plus, there is nothing like some yummy comfort food on a cold day.

I must remember to eat.

Photo by Momo King on Pexels.com

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