The Accumulation Of Emotional Tiredness

At the end of last week, I felt that sludgy emotional tiredness that gives you a lump in your throat and brings tears to your eyes with the smallest prompt.

There has been a lot stretching me lately. A new job, lots to learn, lots of new people, I don’t know them, they don’t know me. The enormous emotional and time demands on Jack, and an increase of work for me as we communicate with volunteers who are working with all their heart right now.

I realized….that tiredness, being at the point when I feel ready to break down in tears just because I cannot figure out the coding for an invoice….it is a sign I need some extra rest.

I did try….I really did…but somehow, it has not worked. I have slept well. I think I just genuinely feel heartbroken about what is happening right now….and in some respects, it is hard to care about coding invoices when there are millions of people who are displaced, frightened, bewildered and traumatised right now.

Jack cooked for me last night….and it was actually very nice. He is going to read this and ask why I made it sound like a surprise that his cooking worked out. The truth is….I could fill an entire blog with stories of Jack’s misadventures in the kitchen.