My Mini Manual

In almost every job I have started (paid employment) there is often no training in writing. Training often comes in the form of someone more senior telling me what to do, showing me what to do, and hoping I caught everything they said and noted everything down so I could refer back to it later.

In many jobs, when I knew I was going to be departing, I spent time typing up many pages of guidance so that whoever was taking over from me was not going to be lost, but would have everything on paper so they could find the answer to any questions.

I have been taking notes during the past few weeks in my new job, but often at speed, and looking back over my notes I could see they are a bit higgledy-piggledy, all over the place. So I started typing up my notes and compiling a mini-manual for myself. I am so pleased. I have emailed it to my work email address so that as well as my notebook, I have a Microsoft Word document too. It is very organized, but using the “FIND” function I can pinpoint any content I am looking for.

Funny enough, in nonpaid volunteer work, there often is a lot of written training available to refer to. They cannot afford to waste the time that volunteers have dedicated and is so incredibly precious, so although there is lots of in person on the job training, they make sure they provide plenty of written guidance that you can read at home and refer back to.