Take Me To The Lakes

Jack needs to take a break. He has been working long hours for seven days a week for the past month. I mentioned I will have some time off work recently, and due to recent events, Jack had the excellent idea of a trip up to the Lake District to stay in the house he bought over eighteen months ago, within which he asked me to marry him.

We are taking a dear friend of ours, recently bereaved of his precious wife. It is a place the two of them had chance to visit together twice back in 2019 when they came to England, before the Pandemic, before illness, before this.

It is a place full of beauty and comparative peace. It is a place of rest….although a holiday with Jack is never really quiet. I will be nudging Jack if he is too loud for our friend.

In honour of our little flower who is fast asleep for now, I am adding a song about the Lake District by her favourite.