I Am Not A Radical

Half of my week, I spend my time working with those who share the same sense of purpose as I do. We are not working to progress as individuals, to advance our careers, to claim credit for the hard work we put in – we just work because we love people, we love the planet, we love goodness.

There is always a huge amount of work, but the satisfaction levels, the warm supportive atmosphere – it is really special. Satisfying, no hunger, no empty hollow inside, just a heart bursting with appreciation for all the rich experiences, and love for people who have profoundly touched me.

It is always a little strange when I am in a paid job with some colleagues (and I say some because it is not all) who have a set of ambitions and a career path they are pursuing, generally in the pursuit of a bigger salary. The desire for more spurring them on.

I like to give my work my full attention, and of course I want to feel useful I want to be good at my job, I make the most of opportunities for training to be more effective….however, I just wat to earn my bread and butter, pay my rent etc, and have a working role that I can switch off from as soon as I walk out of the office. The reason is that my heart is 100% in my work as a volunteer. I do need to eat though! So I do need to set aside time to earn a shilling or two.

Sometimes, I do notice how different my outlook is. Most of the time, it is alright, other times, it feels as if people think I am a radical. lol – it is all I have ever known. Since I was 16 years of age. I am not a radical. I just have no interest in financial rewards and secular accomplishments – you know those things that leave you feeling something is missing.