The Annual Grab Bag Check Over

It is the time of year when we check the contents of our GRAB-BAGS. Please don’t ask me what a grab-bag is. Surely by now you would have heard of them and seen the wisdom in having a bag packed with some essentials….bottled water, non-perishable food, a few days supply of any essential medications, photocopies of legal identification documents, and beyond that…what ever you think you can reasonably carry and that would be useful if you suddenly had to leave your home in an emergency.

A grab-bag is not about being paranoid. It is something that can lessen your anxiety in an emergency. It is a practical step to prepare for the fact that we live in turbulent times. In an emergency, the preservation of life is often the paramount concern. There may be little time to think and plan and organize. A grab-bag that is already prepared is practical wisdom.

I have mentioned some of the little extras in my grab-bag in previous posts, including this one:


During our annual check of our grab-bags, we replace food and water that are nearing their use-by dates. I have also added two items to my grab-bag. One is a pair of light-weight waterproof trousers. The other is perhaps a little silly, but if I had the chance to clean my hair, it would make me feel better. My second new addition is a shampoo bar:

My grab-bag is still reasonably light. I keep it in my cloakroom, where my hiking boots and a warm waterproof coat are also kept. So, I would try to put those on as well. Very likely, if I had to leave home quickly, I would probably grab my sleeping bag, which is under the bed.

If you are wise….you too will have a grab-bag that will help you to be less anxious in the event of an emergency. Check it annually to make sure it is up-to-date and will be useful to you.