Caramel’s Crib

I guess a lot of people have spent more time than usual in their own crib this year. I have worked more hours than usual, so I have been grateful to come home to my little crub and crash.

Living Room, Sofa, Couch

It struck me that I have a very pleasant space here. These photos are from Pixabay, they are not my house. But I chose them because they are so similar. I have a light gray sofa and teal cushions. I have soft lighting. I have a white cabinet with wicker basket drawers. I have a teal ornamental vase.

Morning, Bedroom, Bed, Door, Girl, Indoors, Person

I have Georgian windows and all the woodwork is pale cream. I have cream Venetian wooden blinds. This place is my little nest, but for one person it is a large space considering London rent. I have an open plan kitchen/dining/sitting area, which is tastefully furnished and comfortable.

I am hidden away behind two enormous locked gates which make the place feel safe. I have my own private little courtyard.

I have a little cloak room which houses a washing machine. A study with a desk and filing cabinet which is large enough to make it the room I do all my ironing.

The bathroom has a large bathtub and a large shower cubicle and has a modern feel to it. I like it. I appreciate an orderly bathroom.

Bedroom, Bed, Sheet, Pillow, Comforter, Comfort, Relax

But my favourite room is probably the bedroom. As well as sweet dreams, other lovely things have gone on in my bedroom. I have memories of Goldfinch. Now I have the honour of Jack being here.

Caramel’s crib is a sweet little nest which is comfortable, classy and easy to clean. I feel safe here…for now. I think one of the reasons why I have stayed here is I know it would be tough to find nicer accomodation at the rate I pay.

I don’t take anything for granted though. Anything may happen. The world is temperamental. My landlords might move. But while I am here., I am going to look after the place.

21 thoughts on “Caramel’s Crib”

    1. I realized during the past year how very fortunate I am to have somewhere so comfortable. Some of my friends have struggled because of their accomodation. They are working from home and sharing a flat or house with multiple housemates who seem to have turned into complete slobs this year. They are finding it tough.

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    1. It is cosy and yet the way it is designed makes me feel like I have a lot of space. Maybe that’s because I don’t have many possessions to fill it. But it is lovely to come back to after a long day at work.

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    1. It is a wonderful hideaway from the outside world, and it feels cozy yet airy, safe and stylish. It is cool in the summer and in the winter, well I just turn the heating up and wear snuggly clothes. I think I have come to appreciate this little nest more this year.

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  1. Sounds like we have similar taste in decoration. I don’t have a courtyard but have a reasonably sized garden which in the summer houses a hot tub and a collapse able picnic table. I have put up frosted glass in my boudoir following a rather embarrassing incident a few years back.

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    1. It’s so pleasant Kristian. Comfy and cosy, stylish yet simple and it feels safe and very peaceful. I could not ask for more, and I realize this year when I hear how my friends are struggling that I am in a great place.


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