Change Of Focus

Do not let the stress and anxiety and uncertainty over this political economic system swallow you up. Shift your focus away from what humans have made. Look at what they have not made.

Beach, Sun, Evening, Summer, Sea

Look at the extraordinary systems in place on this planet – the water cycle, the nitrogen cycle and the interchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between plants and animals. Look at the way this planet recycles and renews.

Look at the evidence that we are not just meant to exist, to survive….but we are meant to live, to really live, to thrive!!! The vast variety of colour, flavour, beauty that is beyond all human imagination.

Shift your eyes away from the concrete jungles, the neon advertising, the virtual world mankind has used to amass more and more. Look at all the displays and performances that you have never once been asked to pay money for. The spectacular sunsets, the star lit skies, the chorus of birdsong adorning the morning, the bouquet of perfumes as spring flowers burst forth.

Please dwell on the what is a gift to you and me – a beautiful home that we were designed for. The corruption and the injustice is about to be swept clear away. May your heart beat for the treasure that awaits…


“The meek will possess the earth, And they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.”

PSALM 37:11