Chocoviv Has Nominated Me For The Outstanding Blogger Award

Back in September, Chocoviv nominated me for THE ORIGINAL OUTSTANDING BLOGGER AWARD. This was Chocovivs original post if you want to verify my nomination or read her amazing answers to the questions she was asked:


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Chocoviv’s Questions

Do you prefer to live in an mansion surrounded by people or island by yourself?

Tropical, Beach, Tropical Beach, Water

Can I choose an island with lots of people? Maybe we could forget about the mansion and we could all have a simple hut instead. Would I like to be all on my own? No way! Of course I want to be with people, and if I had to suffer living in some swanky mansion just for the sake of having company, I guess I would have to choose that.

What is your ideal autumn season drink?

Wine, Red, Bottle, Drink, Glass, Dinner

I like variety. But I often have coffee in the morning all year round and a cup of strong tea mid-afternoon. Besides that I drink a lot of water. In the autumn I am more likely to have a glass of red wine on dark cosy evenings, curled up with Jack.

In the past I used to go to cafes (pre-2020) and sometimes I would order one of their autumnal treats – like a gingerbread latte. I have not missed those sugary drinks. I have missed their sofas though being able to sit down during my lunch-break with a book to read. I was working a late shift last week and when I walked to work I noticed people who looked dressed for office jobs sitting on park benches eating sandwiches – that is very unusual for November.

Where would you go when we can travel again?

Australia – to see Goldfinch. I cannot believe it is almost eighteen months since I saw him. That is just wrong!

How do you like to spend your free time?

I have had so much less free-time this year! Most of my time is taken up by work, housework, some exercise (not as much as I would like) helping my landlords, keeping in touch with family, and sleep of course. Sleep is so important! Normally I love spending my free-time socialising with friends, attending dinner parties or going out to events with them.

This year has been very different. In recent months, most of my free-time I am with Jack. I also make time to send emails and reply emails to family and friends. When I am not with Jack I read or write. I am content with these inexpensive yet very satisfying hobbies at the moment. I do feel as if this year my free time has been spent in a more sedate way than ever before. But I can’t wait to get back to camping trips, dinner parties, karaoke parties and picnics.

Who do you consider a person to look up to?

My parents for a start. The older I grow, the more I realize they were (and still are) truly wise. How grateful I am for the way their guided me and my siblings.

There are also many many volunteers, who for decades have been working part-time for money so that they could give most of their time to charities. I love them for the wonderful example of life and love they have provided. They have inspired me and helped me to see how to really really live!

Do you prefer to borrow or to purchase a book?

Borrow. Less trees will be cut down if we share. Books should be shared – like in a library. Do you remember those?

When do you think this pandemic will end?

Interesting question.

I was talking to a double glazing salesman recently who seems to know the answer to that. He told me with absolute confidence that by the end of 2021 it will be over. He said any virus will only last two years – max! He said once we get a vaccine we’ll be sorted. He said there’s no need to shut everything (shops, theatres, pubs etc) down. He said any virus is nature’s way of picking off the weakest. My reply to him was that, “No, we certainly are not interested in having double-glazing installed.”

There is a part of me that worries that some people are more worried about their social life, party calendar and getting their money’s worth from their internet dating subscription than they are about the opportunities for change that this pandemic presents. Am I being harsh?

I think the pandemic just highlights how ill-equipped human governments are to care for mankind and this planet. Even if this virus was to have a natural “lifespan” – does that mean that we should go back to what was “normal” before, even though we know how wasteful and harmful that way of life was?

The virus is a serious problem. Yet there are other disease-like attitudes that are also pandemic. There is so much healing that needs to be done to mankind and to this planet. Is 2020 the start of a period in which the world recognises it needs to change?

Questions For My Nominees

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