The Cold And Grey

I started wearing wooly hats back in September because I had really bad headaches for about three weeks. I know a wooly hat is not going to remove the pain, but my head felt so raw, for some reason it brought me an element of comfort having a snug hat on.

It’s very grey these days. Grey skies…the sun has gone on vacation (apparently to Australia) and we are left with overcast skies. Well, to beat the grey, I am wearing grey this year. I decided that grey suits my caramel blonde locks.

I don’t want to take my hat off when I get to work! I wish they would let me wear it all day, but of course that would not do. I think I have spent a grand total of £15 on buying coffee from local coffee houses throughout 2020 (most of that was in January and February), but recently, I was so cold, at it was so wet and I was so tired, I walked into a coffee house and blew £3.45 on a White Choco Mocha. It was so good. It gave me the boost I needed to traipse up the hill on the way home from work.