The Wonders I See On The Way

Sunlight, People, Girl, Woman, Walking

Back in March when stress levels around me were rising, anxiety and fear and confusion, I knew exactly who the best person to speak to was.

Throughout the year, I have talked to Him more and more. Many times a day I talk from the heart. I have often poured out my feelings. I have asked for help to understand what was going on around me. More importantly, I have listened. It astonishes me that everything is right there, in the scriptures, written thousands of years ago, yet shining a bright light on world events occuring right now.

I am praying more than ever. Praying in a lovely way. Talking about all I hope for the human family and the earth. Asking for a calm heart strength so that I can help people at work. Asking my Creator to remember every detail of the people we lose. Expressing my gratitude for how much wonderful is all around me.

A lady who used to meet me and talk to me about the Bible showed me a song that her little girl would sing over and over. It is charming. It has also been a song that I have frequently sung to myself as I walk to work. It gives my heart a lift and helps me to be prepared for whatever the day will bring. It has helped to protect my thinking and emotions. It has directed my attention to the one person who has the power and desire to heal mankind.