Preparing For The Cold

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Normally each spring I pull out my summer clothes from storage bags under by bed. My winter clothes are taken out of the wardrobe and folded neatly to be packed away for the summer months.

But this year…I didn’t fully do it. I was working six days a week. On my day off I was busy cleaning and doing coursework and talking to family. I didn’t have chance to wear my beautiful summer dresses and sandals.

So here I am…preparing for the cold with my woolies still in the wardrobe…as they have been all year. Sad really.


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11 thoughts on “Preparing For The Cold”

  1. It’s been a crazy year and, yes, here we all are pulling out pullovers and water proofs. You’re on Amazon? And, once again, thanks for the “like”. Keeps me rockin’

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    1. I hope winter passes quickly. I have big plans for spring 🙂
      Yes….I made it onto Amazon with my three novels and one poetry book. It was a rewarding moment when my first paperbacks arrived.
      Love your posts Wic 🙂

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