All By Myself, Don’t Want To Be….

The good news…well, rather marvellous news actually, is that Goldfinch, after giving up the English mobile phone numbers he had been using, now has an Australian number. I woke up this morning to a beautiful message from him.

He is fine! He arrived safely and smoothly. He avoided excess baggage fee on all three flights. He even managed to smuggle the peanut brownies past the sniffer dogs.

I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I felt to know he is fine!

The bad news is….I have a longer working day than normal…

I have to start work at 8am….and I will be finishing work at midnight. When all I actually feel like doing is curling up on the sofa in my pyjamas and watching movies.

This is when all my efforts to be Maria Von Trapp fail and I turn into Bridget Jones!




This post was in response to the picture prompt provided by The Haunted Wordsmith:

7 thoughts on “All By Myself, Don’t Want To Be….”

    1. I have never seen any of the Bridget Jones movies (too many swear words for me) but for years my friends have said that I have the same life as her.
      I can see a slight resemblance appearance-wise. However, I always wanted to be like Maria Von Trapp.
      It seems I aim to be like Maria…but my life ends up more like Bridget’s???


      1. If you can phase out the swear words you would enjoy the movies and the books by Helen Fielding too.
        I don’t know enough about your life to be able to make the comparison.
        But from what I have gathered from your blog you are far more in control and put together than Bridget.

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        1. Thank you Tanya…
          …I have to admit, I have made blunders in my life that I have not yet confessed on my blog…
          …but even Goldfinch called my Bridget Jones a couple of times.
          I am not entirely sure what my friends are thinking of…but ever since she hit the big screen, my friends have laughed about it.
          I am going to carry on trying to be like Maria though!!!


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