In One Word…

This week I found a new writing prompt (well new to me – I don’t know how long it has been going for).

Sarah  Sarah the creator of the blogging site Sarah Elizabeth Moore has a writing challenge called “The August Write Away”.  It has a different prompt for each day of August…hoping she will carry on next month too.

So today’s prompt is:

And, I thought about it for a while…all sorts of words went through my head, really hard to just pick one.  But then I thought about how I feel ever since the challenges I faced leading up to the night I was victim of a crime in a London Park and how I have felt trying to recover.

The word that came to mind, (one that may mean something to you, if you grew up watching the same children’s TV shows as I did) and therefore, my description of myself in just one word is…..



I could write pages and pages about why I chose this one word.  But I will spare you!!!

But what I will say is that right now, this is how I feel.  Maybe that will change in the future.  But at the moment…I am making the best out of a situation that is not ideal for me, and finding joy in the lovely friends and family I have who love me for who I am and continually support me.

11 thoughts on “In One Word…”

      1. I can’t take credit for the prompts. They came to me in a jar from a friend several years ago, written on tiny slips of paper. I doubt I’ll ever make it through the entire jar!

        Glad you’re around, CC… the object of this Challenge is just to encourage daily writing, so jump in when you’re able. I’m eager to read more from you!


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    1. Thank you Michael, yes, it is wonderful to have them as the foundation for my life. Especially, as I was the recipient of so many cruel and nasty slurs for two years, it was making me crumble inside and feeling the love of family and friends who know me inside out has helped to heal that damage.

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