Born Free

Many bloggers were very patient with me while I was away on my holidays.  I have shared a good deal of holiday spam with you already and long waffling accounts of my footsteps around the north of England and Wales (I am not very good at being succinct!)…but the photo prompt from The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith brought to back a place I have not shared with you yet.


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Our home town was a new town.  It was built in the 1960s as an overspill from Liverpool, although it was built in the neighbouring county of Lancashire.  The population of the town were mainly Liverpool folk moving to where there was affordable housing, although the quality of some of the construction may have been a bit dubious in places.

But the construction quality of the assortment of boxes we lived in mattered not to us – and what is a house if it is not an assortment of boxes of various sizes in which you store stuff – some useful and some useless?  We lived for the school holidays and the weekend -when we were FREE…free as the wind blows, free as the grass grows, free as the river flows…free to gallop wildly through fields and swing from the tree-tops and splash in muddy puddles.  Free for adventures of every possible variety!

Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart

Born free, and life is worth living

Behind out house was a path that led underneath a major dual carriageway road.  Five minutes of running and we entered “The Beacon Country Park”, which was the perfect playground for us as children, our pocket of paradise, where we IMG_20180705_153625were able to run free!

I have lots of photographs, similar to the one above, of the grassy fields and trees that were our playground throughout our childhood years.  We played hide and seek, we played pirate and spy games, we had races with each other and lots of football or rugby.  We climbed trees.  This was my tree.  When I visited my home town this past month I climbed it yet again and looked out on the view of the Mersey basin.

How I would love to have a day of childhood over again…with all of my siblings and the neighbour’s children.  We would go on another of our adventures up to the Beacon and run with unbounded energy through the grassy fields and climb trees.  Aaaaah!

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The Feathered Friend Who Upset This Water Baby

Here I am chilling out with a scrummy breakfast and catching up on the last episode of “Poldark” which somehow I missed…don’t worry I won’t say a word about what happened just in case you are planning to watch it at some point.

The photo prompt from Meet The Bloggers just popped up on my screen and I thought I would take a closer look at the photo.

Share photos or stories of how you chill out

There is no doubt that for me water definitely helps me to chill out.  I am a total water baby!  My sisters and I were competition swimmers…but for the most part now swimming helps me to relax.  I had a taste of scuba diving in Turkey – extraordinary!  I would love to have the opportunity to try that again…and again and again!

I love boats.  Any kind of boat really.  Some of my friends own narrow boats which they keep moored on nearby canals.  Many a blissfully peaceful afternoon has been spent on the canal.  Other friends have sailing boats which which we have used on holidays up in the Lake District.  Or I love just hiring a rowing boat with a friend and relaxing in the middle of a lake.

Dream of a life-time: building a boat with my husband (who as of yet is an enigma and does not know I exist) and then sailing around the whole world as slowly as possible so we can get to know everyone along the way.

When I zoomed in on the middle of the photo I spotted a pelican…which sent my mind down this direction:

At the moment circumstances do not allow me to build a boat…but I still make sure I spend plenty of time near water and boats.  One of my top films of all time is “Finding Nemo” (I may have mentioned this once or twice before, but how could I resist giving it another mention with a photo prompt like this?)

Apparently, an oyster catcher is sitting on top of the boat in the photo above.  But when I first looked at it I thought it was a seagull.  Which again brought me back to “Finding Nemo“.

Seagulls are one of the few animals that I am not on the friendliest terms with.  I always found them a bit intimidating on trips to the seaside…but after we were mugged in Llandudno (in North Wales) by a gang of seagulls – they are really in my bad books.

Alright, maybe “mugged” is a bit of an exaggeration.  But they were flying into us and trying to seize our sandwiches out of hands while we were eating lunch.  We have a video of a seagull who glided in and snatched a chicken drumstick out of the hand of a friend of ours and flew down to the wooden boards of the pier and tucked into it, just a few feet away from where we were sitting.

Ha – feathered friend indeed!  More like feathered foe!  So yes…I feel totally chillaxed when I am near water…until any seagulls appear that is!

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To Be Candid…Nobody Beats Ferris – The Ultimate Karaoke King

I have been saving this one for a day when I felt like singing and dancing on tables and cheering and skipping and buying every blogger a drink!!!  It feels great to be able to include it after my first day at work…my other choice was a lament by some Benedictine monks (just in case I came home full of lamentations).  How great it feels to be able to go with my celebration song!

My first day at work at my new job – WAS GRRRRRRREAT!!!

I lolloped down the hill for a whole 8 minutes and strolled back up the hill this evening with a great spring in my step.  And here I am, back on time to read everyone’s comments and posts in The Meet The Bloggers Swimmers Forum.

To speak with candour about my new job – I am a newbie…and everyone knows more about the job than I do, but I think I am going to be alright. The manager I am being trained by is also the area manager. She is so on the ball and perfectly eloquent and super duper friendly with everyone – superb communicator.  She has a very organized way of training and working.  I am delighted she will be training me.  The staff were all really friendly.  One of the boys made me coffee and bought me a muffin – what a sweetie!

There is a lot to learn…but already today I was able to be somewhat useful and helpful.  I am looking forward to learning more.  What can I say?  I feel like celebrating

Well…when I feel like celebrating there is a song, and not just the song, but one particular person performing the song, that sums up what it’s like to have a ferocious appetite for life and to always be ready for a karaoke microphone.  You just never know when someone might need you to get up on a stage or jump up on a float and sing to the entire city.


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Learning To Fly

Just about to leave the safety of my sweet little abode to head down the hill to my new job – aaaaaaagh!  Terrified!  But as you know…I am pretty certain I made the right decision to leave behind me a situation that made me feel like one of those poor battery hens.


Photo credit Jill111 @

Here I go…all dressed up for my first day on the new job, with my bag packed and my shoes all shiny and my hair – well, my hair would not co-operate, but it hardly ever does.

Feeling a bit sick as if I am about to jump from a twig like the birdie above and not sure if I will know quite what to do with my wings!

Thank you for all of the lovely lovely comments of encouragement and support over the weekend.  Wish me well…

Bridget Von Trapp Is Setting Out On A New Adventure

Another gorgeous photo prompt from The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith …I have to say I love this one!  It makes me want to gallop.  To skip and jump and do cartwheels.

It makes me think of ADVENTURE, which is something playing on my mind at the moment.  I am starting a new job tomorrow.  I feel a sense of intrepidation even though I am relieved to have left my old job behind. I am telling myself to think of it as another challenge, another adventure, something new to learn, another mountain to conquer.

As one of my all-time favourite characters, from any film I have ever watched, once sang beautifully well, I am feeling a little nervous:

What will this day be like? I wonder.
What will my future be? I wonder.
It could be so exciting to be out in the world, to be free
My heart should be wildly rejoicing
Oh, what’s the matter with me?

I’ve always longed for adventure
To do the things I’ve never dared
Now here I’m facing adventure
Then why am I so scared?

Countryside, Cropland, Farm, Field, Girl


Photo credit Pexels @

I have a post I need to polish up in my drafts folder.  It is all about what my best friends say about me.  Years ago many of my friends and workmates laughed when they saw the movie bridget jones“Bridget Jones’ Diary”.  They said it is me all over.  Now, I don’t quite agree with that.  You see out of curiosity I watched “Bridget Jones’ Diary” on my own, when it was eventually broadcast on TV…and,maria von trapp because I didn’t like how many swear words I heard, I muted the sound and watched the rest of the film in silence.

In all honesty, I can see why people said I reminded them of Bridget Jones…I am not going to argue with that.  Goodness, even Goldfinch recently called me Bridget Jones.  But my best friends who know me well have hit the nail on the head when they describe me as a 50/50 split of Bridget Jones and Maria Von Trapp.  I would say this….I am trying to live my life like Maria Von Trapp, but it often works out more like Bridget Jones.  But if I had to choose my role-model – Maria would always win!  She is everything I would love to be.  I am a huge Julie Andrews fan, although Renée Zellweger is probably my favourite modern actress.

Back to my present situation…NEW JOB TOMORROW!  Well….I know how things turned out for the lovely Maria.

Oh, I must stop these doubts, all these worries
If I don’t I just know I’ll turn back
I must dream of the things I am seeking
I am seeking the courage I lack

The courage to serve them with reliance
Face my mistakes without defiance
Show them I’m worthy
And while I show them
I’ll show me

So, let them bring on all their problems
I’ll do better than my best
I have confidence they’ll put me to the test
But I’ll make them see I have confidence in me

Well…I am heading out and about to enjoy my Sunday before the new job starts tomorrow…and this is what I am humming in my head.  Wish me well!

You Took All The Colours Away

I hope you believe me when I say I have a sunny smiley disposition and am mostly brimming with joy.  I have my moments…but at the moment nothing that a good curry or a telephone call to a family member or a night out with friends cannot cure.

However…I am starting to feel gloomy about Goldfinch going back to Australia in four months time.  I don’t want it to brew on it, stew on it, find myself being blue because of it.  I would rather maintain my happiness and enjoy every moment while he is here, and grieve after he has gone.

I have my grieving song all ready to play over and over when he has gone.  I have already started singing it in the shower.  Between you and me…I really don’t want him to go – sob sob.

I remember colours painted in my eyes
Green was for the springtime, blue the summer skies
And now the skies have darkened, the white clouds turn to grey
What a way to break a heart, you took all the colours away

Dark black is the colour of my life
Since you’ve been gone
Since you’ve been gone
Oh if you come back
Make my whole world bright
Since you’ve been gone
Dark black is the colour of my life

I remember visions, you taught me how to see
The world of vived colours was right there in front of me
Oh but what good is a rainbow, if the picture’s in black and in white?
Oh what good is a future when there’s not a colour inside?

Since you’ve been gone
Since you’ve been gone

Oooooh la la! Talesfromthemindofchristian Has Nominated Me For The Bloggers Recognition Award

I am delighted to have been nominated for The Bloggers Recognition Award by the Super-Blogger Kristian as you can see from his post below:

Kristain who is the creator of talesfromthemindofkristian TalesfromthemindofKristian needs hardly any introduction because he has established himself as a consistently creative writer with an exquisite taste in music and a great sense of fun. I know many like me appreciate his support and encouragement.

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers for this award.
6. Comment on each blog to let them know you’ve nominated them and a link to the post you created.

How my Blog Started:

love letterStuart, from Croydon, was the one who made me take the plunge.  There is a story there, but I am not willing to share it. He is someone who helped me out through a rough time.  Let’s just say Stuart is someone I care for a lot, and I really hope he knows that.  No…there will not be a post about Stuart. Yet in a funny way, I would like him to know I am still inspired by him.

That might not sound very interesting to you without any details! Let me pad it out a bit.  I have been writing very long letters and e-mails to friends for years. So I am well into the habit of writing long waffling accounts of my gallivanting up and down the country on various projects, and including all the lurid details of what I ate for lunch and relating an array of emotions I had along the journey.

Due to circumstances, Stuart and I started to keep in touch more and he encouraged me. I wrote page after page.  He was kind and said he looked forward to coming home from work and catching up with my long e-mails.

Stuart said: “YOU SHOULD START A BLOG”.  I thought that was like mum telling me to go and try out for some television singing competition and stand in front of Simon Cowell. In addition, I did not really know what a blog was. I had not seen them for myself.  I thought it was a glorified version of Instagram.  I had never used Facebook or Twitter or all the social media networks.

I also thought it a bit odd to write something strangers would read.  All my letters and e-mails have been to friends and family I know and love. So it was easy to know what to talk about, what they will be interested in, what they will find amusing or meaningful.  How on earth do you know what to write to complete strangers?

I was afraid that anything I wrote and published would be ignored or criticised.  I enjoyed writing, I didn’t particularly want to invite a dish load of negative feedback.  That was the last thing I needed.

So…to say the least I did not have very high expectations of blogging!

Another friend with whom I had shared a selection of short stories and my one poem encouraged me to publish these.  My friend was already publishing their work online and helped me to set up a WordPress site. According to WordPress we published my first post River on the 19th April 2018, which means it is just over three months I guess.  If you have not had chance to glance at River yet, please have an ickle look – it is a poem I wrote as a teenager and I am very fond of it.

I must admit, I have been enjoying it far more than I ever dreamed I would.  I have looked at hundreds of other blog-sites which have given me ideas about formatting and has encouraged me to experiment a bit with WordPress options.

Well, three months later, I can say that blogging has exceeded all of my expectations.  I am really enjoying this.  I am glad to say I have had lovely feedback and more support and encouragement than I ever imagined. It is fun to keep in touch with other bloggers. One thing I know I need to do more is to keep looking out for new bloggers to encourage them to enjoy blogging and also to direct them to:

…and to keep promoting the  word and picture prompts that other bloggers have set up. These are at the center of a lovely blogging community which was gutted to lose the Daily Post provisions but determined to keep going because we are enjoying this.

It seems likely that I am going to keep going with this blogging business for a bit longer while my circumstances allow it. It is helping me on a personal level…I try to have lots of lighthearted posts but also I have used some to talk about some very difficult subjects for me…and it really has helped.


  • Supporprima donnat other bloggers.  Don’t be a prima donna…be part of the chorus.
  • Make the most of the avenues to connect with other bloggers (some of which I mentioned above) other bloggers will be looking out for new bloggers, friendly bloggers, fun bloggers…it’s a bit like a party with a bunch of complete strangers interacting.
  • Be friendly!  Just like at the party mentioned. Be polite, be nice.  Don’t be critical, just because their work is not your cup of tea.
  • Enjoy it!  Enjoy the writing, enjoy getting to know the different WordPress features and enjoy the contact with other bloggers.
  • Statistics are sometimes encouraging and sometimes discouraging…but your own enjoyment and enthusiasm and effort will motivate you and prompt others to keep coming back because they want to acknowledge your efforts.

My Nominees:

I am pleased to be able to nominate fifteen great bloggers who have supported me and whose blogs are full of exciting posts:



Vast Dynamic Energy

Just what you wanted on a Friday night – a physics lesson!  Whether you love or hate physics may have depended on your teacher.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to read every word, you could just scroll through to the lovely pictures if you prefer.  For those who want to look over this, I have tried to make sure the key points are in bold type.

I am no expert, but my pea-brain is wired mathematically – lock in me in a room for several hours with a pen and paper and you will probably find I have filled the paper with as much of the Fibonacci Sequence as space would allow rather than a story.  So I find that my mind laps up physics and maths…and I often find myself staggered by the order, the genius, the laws that have been there far far before humans began looking up at the stars.

Goodness, I’m typing with a terrific thunderstorm erupting outside – it’s breathtaking.

albert-einstein-1933340_640Photo credit ParentRap @

In 1905, Albert Einstein published a paper that was considered to be a mathematical footnote to his special theory of relativity. It contained the formula now synonymous with his work:


This famous equation tells us that the amount of energy released when an atom is split equals the loss of its mass times the speed of light squared.  Easy yeah?




ctimes speed of light squared

cmeans c times c, or 186,282 miles per second times 186,282 miles per second

Because cis an enormously large number (34,701,000,000 mi2/sec2), a small amount of mass can be converted into an enormous amount of energy. When an atom of uranium is split, it quickly forms two smaller atoms but also loses about 0.1 % of its nuclearmass; that tiny amount converts into a vast release of energy.

Is it only uranium that we may associate with nuclear energy that this applies to?  Well the principle is the same with all matter or substances.  Here are some interesting ways of explaining what it would mean if it was easy for us wee humans to extract and harness the energy from any substance around us other than by setting it on fire:

Just 450 g of any substance completely converted into energy equals:

  • usa.jpg11 billion kilowatt hours
  • the power needed to drive a car around the earth 180,000 times
  • the power required to propel the largest oil tanker around the world 400 times
  • the electric power needs of the United States for one day


 The reverse is also true. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to “materialize” just one atom.   But this is basically what happens in a cyclotron – a type of particle accelerator. Matter is produced by colliding particles at high energy. The resulting mass of all particles produced in the collision is greater than the two particles that collided. In other words, matter has been created. That is why enormous energies are required in the cyclotrons.  Think about that: an enormous amount of energy is needed to make a tiny amount of matter.


Modern science is aware that matter can be changed into energy and energy into matter.  Our sun provides an example of matter being converted into energy. Every single second, the sun converts about four million tons of matter into sunlight and other forms of radiant energy. The small fraction of that energy that reaches us is sufficient to sustain life on the earth. It is quite simply mind-boggling to contemplate the tremendous power and energy that were required to create not just the sun but also all the other billions of stars.

I love this verse penned three thousand years ago, long before Albert Einstein was born.

 “Lift up your eyes to heaven and see.

Who has created these things?…

…Because of his vast dynamic energy and his awe-inspiring power


As I mentioned in a previous post…not all see the physical and scientific information in front of them in the same way.  It is not my place to belittle anyone else’s views.  There is no way I would mock anyone for their sincere beliefs.  However, it is not at all difficult to understand why so many billions give glory to a Creator.

Through my eyes, I see abundant reasons to ascribe glory to an intelligent mind, a wonderful, purposeful, incredible mind behind the existence of the material universe. As someone who loves science I find it hard to understand why some are dogmatic and close-minded in their view that it was all one big accident.  Mathematically that is more than preposterous.

When I look up at the stars…aah!  My oh my, it’s really hard to find the words. I’m in tears. I can’t explain the surge of love and wonder and utter esteem and admiration…it fills me with energy to live my life (forgetting anything that has hurt me) convinced this power will be used to put all matters right.  It’s an astonishing thought, but there have been times when I felt so alone due to the challenges I was facing, that it was only because of Him I found the fight to keep breathing.  I remember it that night in the park.  I remember seeing stars above me and not knowing what was happening…but sensing an urgent order that I had to keep breathing.

Now, if you think any of the physics above was complicated, then check out the many helpful explanations that have been published of what goes on inside one of these cyclotrons.  Of course if you watch Star trek regularly you probably understand all of this!

Have a wonderful weekend…I am heading out to dance in the rain with my friends!


I Have No Time For People Who Are Dogmatic

When I was at high school I had a miserable and grumpy physics teacher.  The class regularly descended into anarchy because our teacher had no control of the class.  I regret this very much, especially since I realized shortly after leaving school that physics really is fascinating.  I remember suddenly being ravenous for information about the laws of the universe and since I had a head for maths my appetite for astronomy and physics just grew and grew.

Today’s picture prompt from The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith has sent me mind off in many different directions.  I had about five ideas but I have settled on two subjects.  So… I am thinking I may end up publishing two separate posts, rather than one huge one.  A lovely blogger kindly told me some of my posts were too long.  I quite agree.  I am trying to limit myself.

I think it makes sense to publish this one first, because I don’t want anyone to think I am dogmatic or disrespectful of anyone else’s treasured beliefs.  Many a thing has been said about Albert Einstein.  I am aware of a lot of quotes ascribed to him.  Since I was not there to hear him voice those words…I am going to shy away from quoting him directly. However, I don’t think anyone would argue that Albert Einstein was a true scientist.  He asked questions and searched for answers.  I read this of him:

IN 1905, a 26-year-old patent clerk named Albert Einstein published four scientific papers that altered the way we view our universe​—from its tiniest building blocks to its most massive galaxies. Some of these papers also became springboards launching many of the life-altering inventions produced during the past 100 years.

“There is scarcely any important fundamental idea in modern physics,” says Nobel laureate in physics Isidor Rabi, “whose origin does not trace back at least in part to Einstein.”


Photo credit ParentRap @

As with other friends I have been very close to, I quickly detected where Goldfinch and I might have differing viewpoints on some of life’s big questions.  I have been brought up to be respectful of other people’s opinions.  I am more than happy to discuss big questions with friends and workmates from different cultures and faiths.  You know questions like:

  • Is there a Creator?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • What happens when someone dies?
  • Why is there so much injustice and suffering?

I am not afraid of any of these questions.  Why should I be?  We are all in exactly the same boat.  We are human.  We exist.  We are alive.  We have a mind that asks questions and is hungry for answers.  I love to hear what others think on these subjects and hear the reasons behind their beliefs.  I find it fascinating to hear where someone else is coming from…and the way their mind runs.

It concerns me when someone does not care at all and is far more interested in the latest designer handbag they want or what the score is in some sports match.  I have started to wonder if some people are either mentally exhausted by their busy life to be able to ponder.  Or are they are so afraid that the answers to those questions might show them up and make a fool out of them and their lifestyle?  I don’t know.  I would hope that at some point they will become hungry for answers…like Albert Einstein had a hunger to understand.

fruit cakeBut what concerns me even more is people who have made their decision on what to believe and become monstrously dogmatic in the way they speak on these subjects. People who think that they are right and that anyone who does not share their opinion is an utter fruitcake!  If you have ever had the misfortune to be belittled by someone who is dogmatic and will not allow you to get a word in edge-ways then you may agree with me.  Ay karumba!

What I love is reasonable, mild people who converse with a humble approach.  You know the type that are not gullible, they don’t just go along with popular opinion, they like to see some evidence and logic.  But they are willing to court roomacknowledge that there may be more than one way to see evidence.  They are good at recognizing bias and don’t just accept the word of someone who is charismatic or couches their words on such a high intellectual level that Joe Bloggs cannot possibly understand them.  Just as in a court case, people giving their testimony might describe seeing something differently from another.  As an impartial juror, you might start to detect the sentiments or motives behind the person delivering their testimony.

I love talking with people who are as hungry as I am for answers.  I totally understand why some might have strong feelings.  I know some who are seething with rage about hypocrisy or corruption within religious organisations.  I know some who felt the pain so deeply in unimaginable cases of suffering that they cannot reconcile themselves to the thought of someone with the power to prevent suffering existing.  It’s clear how much anger within some have whenever they talk about any of the subjects I have mentioned.

However, I don’t understand how a scientist can be dogmatic about the physical evidence in front of them.  In fact, I have read of scientists reaching completely opposing conclusions from other scientists. Sometimes I wonder are they at looking at the same thing?  Physical or scientific evidence seems to be interpreted very differently by the so-called “experts”.

all in the same boat.jpgWhat I think I am trying to say is this:  We are all human. We are all in the same boat. We are all bombarded with information from various sources telling us what to think, what to believe.  As impartial jurors, we have to listen with shrewdness.  I have become more and more cautious as I have aged…I do probe a bit to find out why someone may feel so strongly about what they claim is the truth, always aware that my own understanding is limited and I should be prepared to recognize where I am wrong.  I am always respectful of other’s opinions, but I preserve my reasoning ability by analysing the logic and the evidence in what they are telling me.  If they tell me about information they have read or some physical evidence they have seen, I want my own eyes to behold it before I will accept it as authoritative.

One night I was walking along with Goldfinch…and listening to his viewpoints respectfully.  He spoke with strong feeling on some matters.  I could empathise with him, although I did not necessarily agree with him.  I had only known him for a couple of weeks at the time.  So I explained to him pretty much what I have written above (although I managed to compress in into a a few sentences somehow) and then I told him about what someone showed me many years ago and I thought it was one of the fairest and most reasonable three questions about our universe I had seen.  For me it summed up the situation I have referred to.  We are all in the same boat and at one time may ask:

Our Universe

↓                ↓

Had No Beginning            Had a Beginning

↓                          ↓

Without Cause           Was Caused

↓                                  ↓

By Some THING               By Some ONE

I remember the same person mentioning to me that if someone does not want to be reasonable…well, there is not much you can do.  It certainly is not much fun discussing life’s big questions with someone so dogmatic and arrogant that they can’t see past the end of their own nose.  I just don’t have time for someone completely dogmatic and brutally disrespectful of what others sincerely believe.

I am certainly not going to tell someone else what they ought to believe.  Although I am more than happy to discuss these subjects and explain the reasons for my own beliefs.  I know what I believe after reading and asking questions and discussing with others and thinking over things, following the logic and the reason.  I am not going to mock what someone else believes if it is different to my own conclusion.  However, I applaud those who have a deep conviction based on carefully and eagerly searching for the answers to their questions.  I know some sincerely want to help others change their minds perhaps.  It’s so important to be tactful, kind and respectful of someone else’s thinking though.  Just avoid dogmatism…because it is so….

Now for those who love physics like I do…my next post will be a bit more on the scientific side of things!

You Think It’s Hot???

It’s coming, it’s coming, the rain is on the way!!!  The weather forecasters claimed that today is the last day of this intense heat here in the UK – or I have renamed this group of lands WISE (Wales, Ireland, Scotland & England) as I think it makes us sound better.  I am going to hold them to their word.  I keep looking for signs of a cloud in the sky like Elijah’s servant!  It is coming, I am sure the weather forecasters are not teasing us.

This week at work, we had several patients wander in with obvious signs of severe dehydration.  We promptly carted them off to the nearest NHS Emergency Care Center.  I think for most residents of WISE, it is the hottest summer of our life-time and we have a newfound respect for what the sun can do, and a deeper appreciation for rain and cold.

I am preparing another post about Albert Einstein and in my research I came across this quote which bowled me over:

How powerful is the sun? At its core, the sun is about 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit (15,000,000°C), which I cannot even comprehend.  If you could take a pinhead-sized piece of the sun’s core and put it here on the earth, you could not safely stand within 90 miles (140 km) of that tiny heat source! Every single second, the sun emits energy equivalent to the explosion of many hundreds of millions of nuclear bombs.

This heat is a tiny tiny minuscule fraction of the tremendous power the sun is kicking out at any moment.  Our sun is one of countless billions of stars doing the same thing.  I literally feel humbled and over-awed when I contemplate this phenomenal universe.

I can’t miss the chance to play another Muppets clip: