My Life According To – 2…

A twist on another fantastic challenge I saw today from  the britchy one  the britchy one explained in her post below:

“…This was so much fun the other day with a solo artist I thought I’d go again with bands! I think I might do it for the next two weeks with slightly different questions for books and movies too. But for now, using only song names from ONE BAND, answer these questions.

Im not tagging anyone but IF you would like to do this please tag me!!

You can use any band you like as long as it has two or more members. Try not to repeat a song title but if you can’t avoid it go ahead….”

Now I immediately thought this would be brilliant with ABBA – but I know I couldn’t do it justice, so I am looking out for another blogger who will grab ABBA while they are still out there!  I have gone for a much safer option!

Pick your Artist:         Deacon Blue
Are you a male or female?       Chocolate Girl
Describe yourself:        Loaded
How do you feel:       Love and Regret
My motto:        Dignity

Describe where you currently live:      Your Town
If you could go anywhere, where would you go:      “Bethlehem Begins”
Your favourite form of transportation:      Walking Back Home
Your best friend is:      Fergus Sings the Blues

What’s the weather like:     “Cover from the Sky
Favorite time of day:     “Closing Time
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:     Twist and Shout
What is life to you:     Bigger than Dynamite
Your fear:     “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again

What is the best advice you have to give:
I Was Right and You Were Wrong
Thought for the Day:     A is for Astronaut
How I would like to die:      Everytime You Sleep
My soul’s present condition:     Real Gone Kid