I published a little post yesterday about short movies featuring the minions which are a fantastic “go-to” when you have a rainy day and need an instant pick-me-up.

Here is another little instant pick-me-up.  I friend who used to forward an annoying amount of links to everyone in her inbox sent this (amongst two thousand others) to me.  I kept it, realizing  I would want to watch it again and again in the future.

The first time I watched it, my reaction was “how odd, he seems rather an oddity!”  The second time, I watched it, I realized how much time is involved in setting up something like that and practising it – who has the spare time to learn to do something like that? The third time I watched it, I just wanted to cheer!

Now I watch it for the sheer sense of celebration and triumph it gives me!  Hurrah!

I am sorry I have been struggling to keep up with reading everyone’s posts and writing anything that will catch your attention – this week has been crazy busy!!!

But…I hope to be back to some normality next week – I hope!

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