Looking Forward To…

I have been a very busy bee this week…crazy busy in fact.

I have been feeling utterly exhausted and all weekend have been trying to catch up on my sleep debt.  But by the time you read this I will be having a bite to eat with some friends before I come home and collapse into bed before another early start tomorrow.

At the start of this week, I had some very special visitors.  My youngest sister Milly came to stay for a couple of nights with her lovely husband and the super adorable little munchkin – my niece, who is just over 15 months old.

When they arrived, my sister and her husband made a couple of trips back and to the car to fetch all the extra luggage they carry around now that they have a baby to think about.  Meanwhile, Little One did the most adorable thing.  She walked up to me smiling shyly and then as she was close she held out her arms and gave me a big kiss.  She can say “hiya” now.

It was, as always, wonderful to be with them.  I cooked lovely food and baked a yummy cake, which all went down like a treat.

This is little one on a travel pram they brought who decided she would wisely use the travel time to catch up on her reading list.


We went out to the park with Little One and then took her to one of these indoor play centers with a little ball pool and all sorts of other features to keep Little One excited and entertained for hours!

How she loves the other children, even though they were notably older than she is.  Milly mentioned that all of her cousins and the children of their friends are all a few months or a couple of years older than my neice and she does her best to keep up with all of them.

Well, when I saw the writing prompt from  Sarah Elizabeth Moore


….a hundred things went through my head, as usual – for there are many, many things I am looking forward to.  But after such a splendid visit from my nearest and dearest, I think one of the things I am looking forward to the most, is the next time I am with my gorgeous sister Milly and her very lovable family.