What I Want For You And Me

I am absolutely loving the writing prompts from Sarah   Sarah Elizabeth Moore

I am watching The Great British Bake Off Right Now (incase you are wondering why I am not reading your posts)…but I am working on this post at the same time because it is such a great prompt.  I am just really chuffed to be actually publishing a post in response to one of her prompts on the day that it is linked to!


Whenever I hear the manifesto of a political party coming up to the time of an election, I realize I have a much more hopeful, cheerier idea of the kind of world I would like to live in than most politicians. I know I have a few photos already of what I envision for the whole earth to be like one day.  But I just typed into google search engine the word that I guess sums up what I want for you and me and everyone else on the planet:


…and I was thrilled with the gorgeous photos and pictures that appeared.

Now, before you cast your eyes over these pictures, please don’t think I envision us all lying in hammocks all day being served cocktails by men in skimpy clothing.  Oh no no no!

My idea of paradise is cultivating and landscaping this entire earth so that every part of it is as beautiful as the glimpses of paradise that we see in travel brochures.  Now that means work.

But what wonderful work,  can you imagine if we were one huge international workforce who had been assigned the task of making this whole earth the way it should be.  We work together to make sure everyone had a satisfactory home and we would be learning all sorts of skills, construction, making our own furniture and clothes and tools.  Learning to cultivate our own crops and veggies.  Learning how to care  for animals properly.  Just really truly living the way everything inside tells me we are supposed to be living.

No war, no crime, no disease, no grief, no violence, no rasicm, no suffering…just joy and peace.  I mentioned this before….I have Liverpool roots, but am no relation to John Lennon.  However…I will steal his lines:

“You may say that I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one!”

When I close my eyes, this is the world I would just love to see:

And I would love for you and yours to be able to enjoy this forever!






Just Some (Not All) Of The Things That Make Me Happy

Although I am obviously way out of sync with these, I found I could not resist another writing prompt from Sarah   Sarah Elizabeth Moore


Right up there at the top are my family and friends who now feel like family.  Goldfinch makes me very happy.  I feel happy when I have worked and can rest up and relax.  I feel happy when I see my loved ones are happy.

I have a long list of other things that make me happy…

I mean how about all that for a start!!!!

Life should be full of happy moments, wonderful people and experiences who make your existence colourful and rich!  Then when hard times come, you have a treasure of memories to keep you going, focused on the joy to be had in the future.

Yup…I have absolutely no shortage of ideas to include in my response to the prompt:

What would make me even happier is if everybody on the planet was able to enjoy life like we were designed to.

Nuts About Fresh Air And Punctuality

This is my response to the invitation to share some of our world from The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith So, this weeks Share Your World questions are:

Do you prefer eating foods with nuts or no nuts?

Love nuts – I live throwing cashew nuts or sometimes just peanuts into stir-fries.  I like baking with pecan nuts and peanut butter.  I love making my own pesto with pine nuts.


The only nut I don’t get on very well is hazelnuts.  I like them in brownies or even better in blondies, but for some reason I have never liked the taste of chocolate hazelnut – which is odd because it is such a popular combination.  It just makes me feel a little sick.  quality streetI think I must have had too many chocolate hazelnuts from the tin of Quality Street Chocolates that was always floating about at home when I grew up…maybe having too many has put me off them?

Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?

I have developed the habit of my closet door being open.  I am not sure why.  It might be my love of fresh air.  I like to get fresh air into every  part of my little abode, including my closet.  I don’t like that musty smells wardrobes sometimes seem to have.

Are you usually late, early, or right on time?

All my clocks are ten minutes fast…but I am just about on time for most things except for events I am anxious about.  I arrive so early I have to find somewhere to go and have a cuppa because it would frighten people if I arrived that early.

Mum could not bare being late for anything…so she trained us to regard punctuality highly.  But sometimes in London, it it can be hard to get timings spot on.



Come Away With Me

Here is my little attempt to contribute to another fabulous writing prompt which has been created by  Laura M Bailey  Laura M Bailey:

Manic Mondays 3 Way Prompt: Journey


Take my hand sweet Goldfinch and come away with me on an adventure,

a journey of a life-time.

With you by my side, I fear nothing.

I will never be cold again and I will make sure I keep you just as warm.

We will discover new paths

Forge uncharted wilderness

When you are weary

I will be your comfort and safe haven

I will refresh and nourish you every day

Come away with me sweet Goldfinch

I would rather journey with you

Than remain lost and alone