Even If You’re Not Sure What To Wear…Just Remember To Wear Your Smile

My new job is lovely…the other staff are lovely… the short walks to and from work are lovely.  I am a happy bunny indeed.  I am feeling so enthusiastic and energetic and eager about my new job.  My old job was draining me.

This morning I have had a feeling that I have not had before work for a very long time.  I opened my wardrobe and thought “Ugh! What am I going to wear?  I have nothing to wear?”

For the past nineteen months I have had to wear a uniform for work…thus, I never had to decide what to wear.  My wardrobe has lots of pretty dresses, most of which I bought from charity shops with the labels still on…

…and lots of clothes to wear while I am working around the house…and when I am determined to be energetic and go hiking or jogging…

But I can’t wear any of these for my new job.  I don’t have many in between clothes.  I don’t have much that is “business like”.  One pair of black trousers and one black pencil skirt.

On Sunday afternoon I went to the local charity shops (there are four within five minutes walk of where I live) and found six smart tops – I paid £20 in total.

When I am confidant that money will be flowing in on a regular basis I think I will have to set aside some of my wages and plan a shopping trip to expand my “business-like” clothing selection.

Until then I have plenty to keep me going.  Even more important than the clothes I wear for work are the way I interact with other staff and clients/customers…and being eager to learn their system.  And of course, before I even open up my mouth to say something to any of them…what makes the key difference is my SMILE!


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8 thoughts on “Even If You’re Not Sure What To Wear…Just Remember To Wear Your Smile”

    1. Thanks Kristian
      The blue and the white dress I love…however…it is a dangerous to wear. The lacy parts keep getting caught on door handles and anything sticking out…I am scared I am going to tear a bit gash down it.
      I do love pretty dresses…

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  1. Nailed it!! A smile is your greatest accessory!
    One black skirt, one black trousers, one neutral of each (say a beige) and white shirts/t shirts are a great basic wardrobe. You can add colorful cardigans, scarves, brooches, beads etc and totally change the look. I wore a black dress at work for a week with different accessories each day and got complimented on my outfits every day!! (I did wash it in between!) I can’t recommend Primark enough for cheap pretty accessories 😊 I am like a woman possessed when I go home on holiday as there’s no Primark over here 😢

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    1. I think I need to head over to Pri-mani at the weekend.
      My wardrobe is navy with every shade of sky and sea between blue and green, and the occasional splash of pink. I need a few things to make sure I feel smart.
      Looking forward to my next shopping trip.

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