An Ingenious New Public Transport System

Sleepy headed…

Heading for bed…

Forgive me….

The picture prompt from The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith arrived on my WordPress reader page just before I was about to leave home to go to work.  I did not have time to start this post but I have been thinking about it all day.


As soon as I saw this scene, I felt very relaxed…which is probably why staring at it now is causing me to grow so very sleepy.

It reminded me of a post I read recently by Stephen T Stephen T, the creator of Armageddon Cafe:

Sometimes, the pace of life in London (if not everywhere else in the modern world due to technology) is breathtakingly fast and often frankly exhausting.  Stephen has been on what looks like a very lovely holiday.  But in his post he mentioned something I often find a challenge myself.  Sometimes, we are so wound up with the pace and break-neck speed we have to function at, it is rather hard to relax.

Even when we physically distance ourselves from work and other demands on our time and energy…it is hard to switch off mentally and sometimes emotionally to everything that you know is waiting for you as soon as you get back.

Aaaaah!  That’s why this was a very welcome picture prompt.  It looks like a great pace to function at.  I wonder if we could all agree to slow the pace of life down?

Can we get rid of the motorways and the underground and just take a hot air balloon ride to get to the places we need?  I am sure I would start each day and end each day feeling so much better and more serene.  Perhaps we could adopt a new national transport system – hot air power (and I am sure there are more than enough people full of hot air to fuel the new transport method) and we could travel by balloon from now on.

Aaaah….bed is calling….

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