Well, How Am I Supposed To Know?

I have one major headache of a dilemma right now. Jack has communicated to me that somebody who wishes to remain anonymous would like to purchase a new laptop for me. I know it is not Jack because he would tell me.

But the question Jack has forwarded to me is – WHICH MODEL? I am the worst person to answer that question. Jack encouraged me to do some research, which I did, only to be more confused than ever.

I prepare lots of training materials, manage a huge database, and send hundreds of emails every week to thousands of people. I don’t need a fancy shmancy laptop to do that. I just need something reliable. But every website I look at lists dozens of different laptops that all look the same, but seem to have different combinations of letters and numbers in the descriptions. How do I know what those letters and numbers mean? It is some sort of tech scale that means nothing to me.

Jack has said when he comes over at the weekend, he will help me – which is good, because there is no chance I am going to figure out all this nonsensical stuff myself.

Photo by Marta Branco on Pexels.com