Such A Domestic Diva!

For many years, I was pretty useless when it came to kitchen tasks. I was not entirely incapable, but I did lack self-belief and confidence in my abilities and potential.

It was not that I lacked enthusiasm. From an early age I really wanted to learn. I adored being with my Mumma and learning from her. However, that did not always translate into me independently navigating the kitchen with success and grace.

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How things have changed!!! I decided not to go shopping last night. I knew I had veggies in my fridge that needed using up. So instead, I came home from work last night and chop, chop, chopped – added garlic and herbs and spices and tomato puree and stock – and after an hour of slow cooking in the oven I ended up with a yummy casserole.

I know it might not sound like rocket science – but I love the confidence that I have somehow accumulated in recent years – I think even more so since I have been cooking for two so frequently. Nowadays, I don’t find it stressful cooking dinners for lots of guests. I have a repertoire, and I love knowledge, experience and technique. I understand timings and temperatures and textures. I don’t know how it happened – but I have become a domestic diva – one who knows how to deliver a delicious dish!!