Starry Starry Nights Of Wondrous Awe

Sometimes I miss the nights we spent out under the great vast gauze of night – the dark swathe of heaven bejewelled with treasures galore.

Tiny little pinpricks of light to you and I, unfathomable myriads, beyond our ability to count and name and age. Yet each one bursting with energy – colossal quantities of dynamic energy – choreographed in an elegant celestial ballet of magnificence.

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There is no limit…there are no limits…to the King of Eternity.

Whilst we find it hard to trust and respect those who lord it over us….your patience, your humility, your undeserved kindness and generosity…you fill me with staggering awe. I am baffled by how haughty people can be – when they know so little, and understand even less.