It’s Such A Small World

This year, I have seen a lot of people carry out internet searches on other people – both in a professional context and also in a personal context. It is a little strange for me because, well, I just find it all a little creepy. But I have seen it before my eyes…someone conducts a search…and voila…there is the other person – sharing all sorts with the world.

Is it just my fear of the damage that strangers can cause that makes me horrified to see how much other people are willing to share in the public domain?

I was with a friend the other day, and she googled someone we had just met (he is going to help us out with a project)…and suddenly, she was able to see all sorts – his recent holiday, his new cat, his wife and children. She scanned through commenting that it had taken her less than two minutes to learn where he works where his wife works, the school his children go to. She also recognized people she knew in his social photographs. She knew people who were following his sites and who he was following.

Is it just me….or is that scary? I wonder why he has shared so much so freely in the public domain? Are people just not scared? Am I one of the few who are scared, super-scared of allowing strangers to invade my security?

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