Sharing The Joy Of Baking With Those We Love Most

One of the lessons we all came to appreciate during the Pandemic is appreciation for being able to visit those we love most. It was hard, so hard, for all those months of not seeing family. But we all know why we did it – to protect the people we love the most. This year, many of us have been so relieved and glad to be with our loved ones again.

We were very moved by the email we received from our next WordPresser. In fact Jessica, the creator of UNMEASURED JOURNEYS left me very teary-eyed. Tragedy struck Jessica’s family this spring when she lost her beloved Momma, and since then Jessica related to us that she has been trying to visit her Father as often as possible. Jessica told us her parents were married for fifty-five years, so we can only imagine how deeply their loss has been felt.

During a visit to her Father in June, Jessica learnt that her Father’s favourite cookies are Raisin and Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies:

Jessica’s site includes some stunning photographs of nature and so much family joy. The MENU up at the top of Jessica’s website has a category entitled “MY MOMMA” and shares her beautiful tributes to her darling mother and very moving accounts of both grief and also gratitude. Jessica’s posts have endeared her to us…and we are so touched that she has shared her baking and her wonderful blog with us.

Oh Jessica – you have captured something incredibly special about how we can share they JOY OF BAKING with those we love the most. Thank you for your beautiful baking and your very beautiful words.


13 thoughts on “Sharing The Joy Of Baking With Those We Love Most”

  1. Hi. Thank you very much for this. My cup runneth over. Thank you for all the kind things you said about my photographs, my words, and my momma. I had no idea you were teary-eyed reading my entry. That’s very sweet, thank you. Thank you for sharing my blog and about my momma stories. Means a lot.

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    1. Such a delight to find your WordPress site, and we were thrilled that you were part of the BAKE OFF. Keep sharing your beautiful posts – they are a beautiful tribute of love for your wonderful mother. ❤

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