Clearing My Thoughts

It is autumn here in London. That means yellow, purple, brown, crimson and orange leaves come tumbling down around the property I dwell in. Right now, those leaves are still soft and supple, not at all crispy. We have had plenty of rain to prevent the fallen leaves from drying out.

Twice a week, I sweep those leaves. It takes about an hour in total to clear all the leaves. But recently it has become rather therapeutic.

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You see…just like those leaves, my thoughts have needed clearing. I am almost in disbelief that I am leaving my job. Half of me is asking why I am leaving, the other half knows exactly why and is thrilled. During the course of this job, I have felt more like a bird in a cage than I have ever known. Being chanined to a desk in an office is not that much different to being a chicken in a battery farm. So now I am escaping.

However, like a bird who has been trapped in a cage, I am timid about my flight. These wings are desperate to beat a hasty departure. Yet I am confused about the direction and the inclement, turbulent climate. Some days I feel a little panicky about it all.

One thing I know….I will win back around ten hours a week (five hundred hours a year) because rather than commuting across London, I will instead just walk eight minutes to work. That is a huge gain. Plus, working for the NHS, I won’t end up doing overtime that is not recognized or appreciated.

I think that in my new job, I will be able to breathe. I don’t feel as if I can breathe in the job I have been in. It is a crushing, draining, demoralizing, joyless existence. It is wonderful to be escaping. It really is. But I am a little disorientated and daunted by a change that I need to acclimatize to.

Jack fills me with confidence that on this occasion – all my ducks are in a row and I am absolutely doing the right, best, and wisest thing. I like hearing his verdict on the tangled thoughts inside my head.