The Measure Of A Great Flapjack

Oh he was doing so so well! Gary, the creator of BEREAVED SINGLE DAD, has already delighted us with perfect Victoria Sponge and Apple Crumble today, but the baking rollercoaster has taken an unexpected plunge. However, all is not lost…two tiny pieces survived what sounds like a very stressful bake. Believe me Gary – we have all been there!

Gary took on the challenge of Flapjack:


Jack asked if perhaps the recipe for the Apple Crumble and the Flapjack were perhaps mixed up at some point? But truly Gary, I have tried Flapjack recipes that did not seem to bind very well and ended up too crumbly eat with your hands. Crumbly flapjack mixture is still great with ice-cream!

We think that the two tiny slices that survived are everything flapjack should be…but of course there is not enough. So Gary, Jack’s advice with regard to flapjack making is “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”!!! You know…I do think Jack is getting the hang of matching music to bakes – don’t you!!

Special Guest Poet – Kristian

THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF gives us the opportunity to pay tribute to not only the bakers, but also the fabulous array of creative talent on WordPress. This weekend we are featuring some very special poets

Kristian, creator of TALES FROM THE MIND OF KRISTIAN is a blogger.writer/poet who is very special to me. When I first started out on WordPress, I remember seeing Kristian’s posts regularly and learning so much from him. I was completely unfamiliar with flash fiction (having read not much else except the classics and physics books for most of my life), but I fell in love with Kristian’s clever stories and surprise twists – Kristian is the Master of unexpected conclusions! But I have also been a huge fan of his humour which often features in his poetry.

Kristian has been a joyful presence on WordPress and also been a massive support to THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF, so it is a special honour to feature him as one of our Special Guest Poets. Please click the link below to visit Kristian’s site, where you can read his poem:



So, it’s that wonderful time of year,  

When we set out our bake-off stall,  

Things are tough, but this brings us good cheer...

Wills Has Smashed Budget Baking!

Earlier today, we featured bakes from my good friends (and hosts this weekend) Robert and Annette Lewis. Annette is a food enthusiast and she made sure that every member of the Lewis household, including their nephew Wills took on the BAKE OFF challenge this year.

Wills came up with a true BUDGET BAKE recipe which surprised everyone by being in Robert’s words “ridiculously tasty”. These are Will’s Jam Sandwich Biscuits:


Buttery crumbly biscuits sandwiching fruity bramble jam – something so right about that. You may have noticed Wills contribution to our BUDGET TIPS posts early this morning. His tip on how to save money was “move in with family and sponge off them”. Well…although I can vouch for the generosity and hospitality of Robert and Annette, I have also witnessed this weekend that Wills is not taking this for granted. He was out sweeping up the leaves early this morning and after a walk with Robert over to Richmond Park and back, Wills made soup for us all at lunchtime.

The only thing we do disagree with Wills on is music. So Jack has ignored Wills song request (which was anything but joyful!) and has chosen something a lot more upbeat. Fitting for this uptown part of London.

The Joy Of Making Right Choices

We have received so many beautiful baking photographs this year, but we are especially thrilled that so many of you embraced wholeheartedly the areas we are shining a light on this year – BUDGET BAKING and SUSTAINABLE BAKING. Why are we featuring these areas? The rising costs of everything and the damage being done to our precious home are making us mindful that the choices we on a daily basis make have an impact. But making the right choices can be a very joyful and a very tasty process indeed.

Our next bake demonstrates that perfectly. Irene, the creator of MY SLICE OF MEXICO shared with us these Nova Scotia Style Oatcakes, Irene’s take on a traditional biscuit from the area:


I was reading Irene’s email and her post BEING THANKFUL about their recent visit to Nova Scotia, which was recently in the path of Hurricane Fiona, and picked up on so many ways that we can make the right choices:


There are so many ways we can make changes to how we go about the things we enjoy – whether that be baking, shopping or travelling. The choices we make can contribute to our joy and that of others.

Novia Scotia Style Oatcakes seemed another very obvious choice for PARTY NIGHT. Are you still dancing???

The Nyamake Family Are Back In The Kitchen

Saturday Night always means PARTY!!!especailly so during THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF…we have the perfect bakes (and music) to keep you dancing until the late hours of he night!

Last year, one particular baker thrilled us with a tense three part account of a family baking adventure that contained some dramatic twists, but resulted in a mighty conquest that celebrated chocolate, rum, coconut, bananas and caramel – all packed into one showstopper of a bake. There is no question that the Nyamake family know how to pack flavour into their bakes.

Jacob Nyamake the creator of WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? has been baking – with his family – and has made these scrummy banana cookies with chocolate chips and pecan nuts. They look so so good!


Family baking and eating is so much at the heart of SHARING THE JOY OF BAKING. We love that! We also love that your mother Joyce shares her baking with her local congregation. That is truly heart-warming.

When Jacob sent his photo in he told me he had also taken some cookies into work, only to be told off when their regional manager turned up for a surprise visit and spotted the team munching in the dispensary. He sounds like a he needs more joy in his life Jacob. Managers who tell their teams off for eating a biscuit – something rather odd there.

Jacob…I asked Jack told me there was only one song for your post, which happens to be a firm favourite of his…. “We Stay Up All Night To Get Cookies”.

The Joy Of Brownies

Here in London, it is already six o’clock on Saturday. Can you believe it? So…now is the time for the BAKE OFF to change gear slightly. Are you ready to dance the night away?

There is one staple that everyone needs to be able to party all night long – and that is of course decadent chocolate brownies. Well, we have exactly that courtesy of our next brilliant blogger Skelly, the creator of FABRIC THAT MADE ME, sent us the most beautiful account baking not one but two delicious bakes.

Today we are featuring first of all her batch of the ultimate dance-all-night chocolate brownies!! Everything in this picture is revealing brownie perfection – that thin chocolate crust that covers squidgy brownies deliciousness. There is nothing like brownies straight from the oven!

We can see why they did not last long in Skelly’s household. But what we loved most about Skelly’s baking is that it was a true family affair.

Many of you shared with us that the joy of baking started with memories of baking with your mum or your grandma. Selly baked along with her beautiful daughter Grace. We love that because we know that it is these kind of moments seem to dwell in our hearts for life. Baking with Mum – is a joy to be treasured!

Thank you so much Skelly for sharing the joy of baking with us. Are you ready to dance all night?

Ukrainian Baking Is Bringing Us Joy

Many people hoped that 2022 would bring some relief after two turbulent years that preceded it. But there were growing concerns over strange movements of military equipment and personnel just the other side of Ukraine’s borders. In February 2022, events that some had suspected were about to take place dramatically unfolded and caused shock and dismay around the world.

A lot has been said about the heartbreaking situations that have effected millions directly, and many many tens of millions indirectly due to the financial impact of these heinous events.

The events of this year prompted a great deal of thought in our preparations for THE 2022 GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF. While we have always loved the opportunity to embrace all the lively fun and yumminess of baking and blogging, it seems fitting that this year we shine a light on the very real life concerns that effect daily life. Our theme THE JOY OF BAKING is designed to help us celebrate life even when turbulent events surround us and threaten our peace and security.

I am so glad that our next bake has given us the opportunity to mention the Ukraine. Indeed, we are very proud that over the past few years the BAKE OFF has reflected international flavours and ingredients. So celebrating Ukrainian culture and baking is something we are delighted to do this weekend.

My friend Annette, the creator of LADY LEWIS has been inspired by a foodie duo Ukrainian food writer Olia Hercules and Russian food writer Alissa Timoshkina, who shared the cuisine of Ukraine including this beautiful cake:


In these turbulent times, it is our honour to celebrate everything we love about life and this planet – we love love love the wonderful array of international cultures and cuisines represented on WordPress. We love the huge variety of creativity and flavours. We love the things that unite us – whether that be delicious bakes, inspiring poetry, photographs of the wonders of nature, clever writing or marvellous music – we love that it all out there on WordPress. We love the contribution of WordPressers to joy and peace.

Jack is a fan of NPR Tiny Desk Concerts…and he said the Ukrainian quartet DahkaBrakha had to supply the music for this post! I think I am wrong, but it looked like one of those ladies was using a baking spoon to beat the drum with – Jack said I am wrong (although I don’t know why he is so sure!) Well, that is ok, they are amazing to watch.

Two Years Later…An Incredible Crumble

This weekend it is clear to see that one of our marvellous BAKE OFF co-hosts is clearly in the running for STAR BAKER. I mentioned earlier today the extraordinary culinary journey Gary has taken us on. Well, nothing shows the ascent he has climbed like our next bake.

Gary, the creator of BEREAVED SINGLE DAD has mastered the art of an amazing Apple Crumble:


This is not the first time Gary has taken on a Crumble challenge. Some of you may remember this picture from the 2020 SUMMER PICNIC GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF:


I think that the verdict given on Gary’s Apple Crumble two years ago was “not bad at all”. Well two years later, we think the 2022 Apple Crumble looks perfect.

Jack is cheering for Gary all the way. We are both full of admiration for his BAKE OFF energy. When it come to any teasing we may inadvertently send your way Gary…Jack;s advice is simple:

A Well Factored Pie

I am starting to feel as if this year’s BAKE OFF is becoming a little more romantic than we ever envisaged. We have more couples baking coming up for you.

Doctor David, the creator of Doctor In The House, along with the lovely Polly, has been baking. This is exactly what the Doctor ordered! Spinach is proper health food surely! This is their Spinach, Ricotta and Mint Pie.


Jack said it looks very Greek, but I think that is because of a filo pie we have made. But spinach and ricotta sounds more Italian to me. Regardless, David it sounds delicious. A veggie pie is going to make me happy any day.

Now I know that David mentioned this is a low cost BUDGET BAKE, but he also has a huge interest in our planet. I saw you were following COP26 last year David, and your comments the other day about how disappointing the results were moved me. I am a big believer that mankind’s assignment is to care for this beautiful planet and all of it’s creatures. I love what you shared about Polly going plogging. Full respect to Polly – individuals can and do make a difference, and it warmed our hearts to read that you do that Polly.

Thank you both for sharing your fabulous pie and your passion for protecting our environment and climate. Lovely!!! And also just a little bit romantic Doctor David!

Special Guest Poet – Christine

Throughout the weekend, THE GREAT BLOGGERS’ BAKE OFF has the privilege of sharing with you special guest poets – a selection of some of the phenomenal poetic talent that publish their verses on WordPress.

Our next Special Guest Poet is Christine, the creator of POETRY FOR HEALING, has shared with us a poem that tugged on our heartstrings. I think many of us will relate to memories baking and the potent sometimes profound effect they can have on us. This is Christine’s very beautiful poem “Made With Love“:

Made With Love

I pull the faded recipe card
From the tin stored in
its usual place in the pantry...

Please click the link below to visit Christine’s site where you can read the rest of her moving poem.