A Winter’s Tale

Last night, at five o’clock – five o”clock!!! – it was dark. That curtain of darkness just makes me want to hibernate.

Dark evenings are going to be here for months ahead. I think I need something to look forward to on nights Jack is not with me. Maybe I could set aside time to work on my next fictional series. I have a character who wants to tell her story so much. I loved writing Annabelle’s story in posts published on my blog, it was such a great way to write. I want to do that again. I want to do that with the a character who has been in my mind for years already.

Woman, Portrait, Model, Knitwear, Knitted, Young Woman

It’s just, it’s a much grittier story. My character is inspired by the real life stories and experiences of some of my friends who moved to London, full of hopes and dreams, from other lands. I want to weave in some of their challenges into the story line. I just hardly know where to begin.

What I have really is a bunch of quite shocking experiences. I guess I have a beginning – a young woman arriving in London full of excitement. I even have dramatic twists – Brexit and The Pandemic – to throw into the mix. The ending I have in mind is a little vague, and I need help with that. But until I concentrate on shaping all of the content I already have in my drafts folder, I am never going to work out that ending.

Perhaps this winter, I will find the time and motivation to let my character’s tale formulate.

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