Shoe Overload

I need to sort out my shoes. I have been saying that for ages, but really, really I do. The collection of shoes under my bed, at the bottom of my wardrobe, in boxes in my utility room, in boxes in my storage room. It is just ridiculous.

How did I ever acquire so many shoes? Most of them I was given by friends. Others were treasures I found in charity shops. I just don’t know how I managed to lose all sense and self-control when it came to these acquisitions.

Jack keeps telling me I could sell them on one of these websites where you sell stuff. But that is a bit too complicated for me. I have told him he is welcome to sell my shoes on t’internet, but I cannot face it. I would prefer to donate them to charity shops. Which is perhaps ironic since so many of them came from charity shops.

This is a subject I have written about before I am sure. I just feel so overwhelmed by the task I keep on procrastinating it. My shoe collection is still there, still not shrinking, still full of shoes I have not worn in over a year (which goes against my principles: if you don’t use it in a year, give it away).

It’s a chronic condition – shoe overload syndrome. I don’t know when or how I will be cured. But I imagine eventually it is going to be brutal and dramatic.

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