Have You Checked Yours Recently?

Before I start, I just want to mention this post is not really about when you fall over and scrape your knee, or when you burn your hand on a hot stove.

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However, I do have a question for you to set the scene for this post:

Do you have a FIRST AID KIT at home?

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I am very much looking forward to seeing your answers. Now…the real reason I am creating this post is that I have been asked to get involved with producing some “engaging content” for a mental health support service.

I was thinking to myself (I think they call it brainstorming, but I would not describe what I was doing as quite so dramatic) about the kind of “engaging content” that might be interesting and effective in this particular channel I have been asked to use.

The organisation who are spearheading this have an abundance of rather dull, lengthy, fact based, rather exhaustive list of possibly alarming scenarios, and a concerningly short list of practical suggestions to help you in a crisis.


You do not need me to point out the obvious, but mental health is a big subject, and we are all different. But I have to admit, when a professional organisation, claiming to be mental health experts, deal with such an important subject in such a clumsy manner, it is a little scary!

I have another question for you:


According to “statistics” one in four of us will experience a mental health illness at some point….although my bestie Marta, who was a psychologist claimed that actually everyone would have a mental health crisis if they met their personal breaking point when it came to the load of stress they were able to bear.

Stress is different for all of us. Some have displayed astonishing resilience in situations that others find hard to imagine being able to cope with. Think a little about some of the situations that can potentially break our hearts:

Have you experienced any of the following?

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I truly believe that all of us may experience a mental health emergency or crisis at any age, at any stage of our life. While some may feel as if they have to push on alone, supressing their pain and sadness, carrying on with daily routine without imposing on anyone else – many of us realize that is very dangerous.

That is why many are concerned with bringing mental health into daily conversations with family, friends, colleagues, rather than contributing to a hazardous trend where people have felt isolated with the kind of stress that can push people closer to despair.

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There are more and more supportive agencies who are experienced in assisting those facing a crisis. But whether you think you need help from “professionals” or not….Caramel highly recommends that you make sure that you have a MENTAL FIRST AID KIT.

What is a MENTAL FIRST AID KIT? You may have heard of them before, but essentially it is practical aids that can be incredibly helpful if you face an emotional emergency:

The kit (which can be adjusted as you see fit) may contain the following:

  • Contact information of people to call when you feel down
  • Favourite songs that are positive and upbuilding
  • Inspirational sayings and encouraging articles
  • Comforting and upbuilding scriptures
  • Mementos to remind you of people who love you
  • A journal or scrapbook containing your positive thoughts as well as positive experiences you have enjoyed

So….this week….I am going to unpack my own personal MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID KIT with you! Each day this week, I am going to look at a different part of my MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID KIT, share the details and how they have worked for me.

I ask you to do something for me – please check yours too – is it up-to-date? Please do not wait for a rainy date to prepare yourself for a mental health emergency!

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