The Dreaded Lurgy

The morning before I was due to fly out to Australia…I woke up with a touch of the dreaded lurgy. Saw throat…with something lurking within it (I will halt the description right there) and I was coughing and wheezing all morning. So I deluged myself with fluids that day…needing to spend a penny a dozen times or so whilst at work.


Anyway…twenty three hours flying (with a couple of hours lay-by midway) is not the most helpful aide to vanquishing the lurgy. I have felt as if my body was fighting some kind of nastiness ever since. Rest and fluids…and I am taking some vitamins. But these things often just have to run their course. It’s not ruining my holiday!

I just don’t want to get any worse…and I don’t want to make Goldfinch poorly either.

6 thoughts on “The Dreaded Lurgy”

    1. For the first few days I was in Australia I was really sniffly…and then it descended to my throat and I was coughing and losing my voice. I was raiding the all cough and cold remedies from the local pharmacy.

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