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Getting Better At Getting Better

drinksI have been through two whole jars of honey in a week, besides a lot of lemons. Being poorly sick has totally changed my tastes. I have been breathing in eucalyptus on tissues,  my scarf, and my pillow cases. I have had Olbas Oil baths and been rubbing Vicks Vaporub all over me. Which Jack should be here for.

I just feel as if the inside of my chest is coated in so much yuck…and no matter how much coughing I have done, it is still there, and still making me feel exhausted.

The strange emotional tiredness is lingering too. I walked past a tube station where I remember meeting Goldfinch on one of his visits to London. As I was walking past the entrance, the memory was so vivid that I could see him walking towards me. I wanted him so much! I had to bury my face into my scarf while my tears took over.


drinsk.pngI was looking for something slightly different to drink, but still with a cleansing flavour – if you know what I mean. I picked up some ginger and lemongrass cordial and have been sipping it mixed with steaming hot water.

It’s a welcome change. And to be honest, I feel I need to cut down on my honey intake.

At least there were no builders playing music into my bedroom window at seven o’clock this morning. Realizing I was not going to be very good company I cancelled going to the cinema with a friend tonight.

But I am going to have another Olbas Oil bath, smother myself with Vicks Vaporub, put on my snuggly pyjamas, watch Masterchef…and then snuggle up in bed. I am doing everything I can…hopefully this lurgy will clear up before my weekend with Jack.

Plenty of fluids and sleep – lots of sleep – I need to get better at getting better.

So Close To Freaking Out!

Do you know when you have had one of those colds that has become worse and worse? Mine has become awful since it descended onto my chest. I can’t stop coughing!


It’s worse at night, when I am desperate for sleep. I have tried smothering myself and my pillows with decongestants, and propping myself up with pillows to try to sleep. But last night because my coughing was keeping me awake for so long, I resorted to taking some drowsy cough medicine. I am not great with medicines, they seem to have ten times the intended effect on me. But I was so desperate for sleep.

It didn’t take long before I was fast asleep. Lovely 🙂

Until…early this morning…

…right outside my bedroom window…


…came this noise (it seemed as if it was on full blast…but I am sure I heard it much louder than the rest of our neighbours.

I woke up to Chic “Le Freak”, known to many as “Freak Out”. Well, despite normally liking this song, at seven o’clock in the morning, I felt pretty close to freaking out I will admit. Builders! In fact, I cannot tell you how close I was to freaking out at them. I wanted to open my window up wide (I had it open a couple of inches to let some fresh air into the room) and ask them if they were insane – playing music at that time of the morning? Grrrr!

Sick Of Being Sick


I am poorly sick right now. I have been sniffling and sneezing, coughing and choking all day long. It is becoming rather grievous!

I told Jack to stay away from me. He was going supposed to be hanging out here tonight. But I cannot give him a cold. He needs to be on top form for another event on Friday. He will be a busy man on Friday. Love him!

Instead, I am going to curl up into a little ball and try to sleep until some time next month.

Sounds like a great plan doesn’t it!


The Dreaded Lurgy

The morning before I was due to fly out to Australia…I woke up with a touch of the dreaded lurgy. Saw throat…with something lurking within it (I will halt the description right there) and I was coughing and wheezing all morning. So I deluged myself with fluids that day…needing to spend a penny a dozen times or so whilst at work.


Anyway…twenty three hours flying (with a couple of hours lay-by midway) is not the most helpful aide to vanquishing the lurgy. I have felt as if my body was fighting some kind of nastiness ever since. Rest and fluids…and I am taking some vitamins. But these things often just have to run their course. It’s not ruining my holiday!

I just don’t want to get any worse…and I don’t want to make Goldfinch poorly either.