Foodies Are Fabulous Friends

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321 Quote Me – Food For Thought!


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My Two Chosen Quotes

Some of my friends have labelled me a “foodie”. I disagree, only because I don’t really take a massive interest in food. I am just very supportive to friends organizing parties and dinners. So I often help by making a dessert, or making hors d’oeuvres. I know what tastes yummy, so some of my friends say I must be a foodie.

celebrity chefBut I rarely think about food itself. I am not creative, I am always faithful to recipes, because I have no confidence in myself to experiment. Plus, I am vegetarian with a dairy intolerance. So a lot of what I make is for other people to enjoy. And that is what I like about food – the pleasure it brings to other people.

I will admit to this – I watch hardly any television – but I love MasterChef and The Great British Bake-Off. But on my own, I eat very simply. When I am on my own, food is just fuel, I probably don’t take enough time to enjoy it properly. It’s only to bring pleasure to friends that makes me start cooking and baking with gusto. But I do have some foodie friends. They really do love food.  They are fabulous friends – a lot of fun to spend time with. Oh and also…I think the majority of blogs I follow are foodie blogs – which explains why I always feel hungry when I am blogging.

Anyway, are my quotes!

food for thought.png

I don’t need to explain this one do I? I don’t have anything against celery sticks. In the summer I munch on them. But obsessing about calories is not going to make you a happier person. And self-hatred, because you want to be the shape of a super-model, is no way to live.

Live life with gusto! Be active and energetic – that, in my experience, is one of the best ways to be able to enjoy a variety of food and stay balanced. It’s is often love for life that makes people more appealing and attractive. So live!!

food for thought1

Life is so good! But I wonder at times if some people are enjoying what makes life richest. Be with people, lovely people, enjoy singing and laughing together. Enjoy food together. If you are on a budget, it does not need to be complicated! When was the last time you went round to a friend’s house with a packet of biscuits?

gina2Recently, I had a couple of friends come and cheer me up (when I a wooden roof had fallen on my nose and my face was bruised) and they brought cookies. It was so good to have their company for a little – I was feeling kind of sorry for myself I will admit!

Food is a wonderful gift – can you imagine how boring it would be without the astonishing variety of flavours and textures available? But the best thing about food as far as I am concerned is the chance to share it with other people. Moments like these – they make life special! We will never forget them. Enjoy your food, but most of all enjoy your life – with wonderful people.


Confusing Joy

I was very glad to be tagged for a “3.2.1 Quote Me!” challenge on the topic of CONFUSION, by Paula, the creator of Light Motifs II, as you can see from her post below:

I was delighted when I received this tag because I was already working on a post about how confusing the past few weeks have been. But it was a long waffley post…whereas, these quotes sum up so well what it was that I was trying to express!

The “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenges originate with Rory, the creator of A Guy Called Bloke, and this was his original post for this topic:

321 Quote Me – Confusion

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The past few weeks have been wonderful and confusing, but slightly more wonderful than confusing. I have craved peace with my ex-flatmate, known to all of you as “Jack”. But it turns out, that as soon as we had made peace…what we really wanted was love’s confusing joy.


It is all so sudden, so unexpected, so incredible. My emotions have been through a rainbow of shades from day to day. Indeed…the second quote summed up perfectly the scale of my recent confusion.

confused quotes

But I will say this…it is a beautiful way to be! I wouldn’t swap this state of wonderful joyous confusion for all the clear-headed soberness in the world. Being in love is a mystical miracle. Especially with someone you were estranged from for over four years…but never stopped thinking about.


I am sure many of you feel the same way! We just wouldn’t have it any other way!

One Ten-Thousandth The Mental Capacity Of A Housefly

Artificial intelligence, computers, technology etc may have changed the way we see the world…however, how do these man-made creations compare with you and I, and other creatures that we see everyday?

I have been nominated for a “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenge by Tanya, the creator of Salted Caramel, as you can see from her fabulous post:


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321 Quote Me – Artificial Intelligence


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When I thought of the theme ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, I have to admit, I struggled for inspiration. I am a bit of a technophobe in general. I have a landline telephone. I use e-mails and WordPress of course. I buy occasionally using Amazon. I search for directions in Google Maps…and that is about it! Artificial Intelligence…has it’s uses, some remarkable uses.

But I am in awe of things far far beyond the capabilities of anything man-made. So I have found some interesting quotes which compare artificial intelligence with that of the incredible creatures, including us humans, which are all around us everyday!



It has been estimated that the information processing capacity of even the most powerful supercomputer…


is equal to the nervous system of a snail…


—a tiny fraction of the power available to the supercomputer inside [our] skull.”

—Steven Pinker, director of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


I know some humans behave like idiots…but I worry at times that the exceptional capabilities and potential humans have is forgotten. There are things that we can do, that artificial intelligence will never be capable of.

When the advanced computer Deep Blue vanquished the world champion chess player, the question arose, “Aren’t we forced to conclude that Deep Blue must have a mind?”


Professor David Gelernter of Yale University replied: “No. Deep Blue is just a machine. It doesn’t have a mind any more than a flowerpot has a mind. . . . Its chief meaning is this: that human beings are champion machine builders.”

Professor Gelernter pointed to this major difference: “The brain is a machine that is capable of creating an ‘I.’ Brains can summon mental worlds into being, and computers can’t.”

He concluded: “The gap between human and [computer] is permanent and will never be closed. Machines will continue to make life easier, healthier, richer and more puzzling. And human beings will continue to care, ultimately, about the same things they always have: about themselves, about one another and, many of them, about God. On those terms, machines have never made a difference. And they never will.”


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Learning From My Mum’s Expressions And Example

Back in June, Suze, the creator of suziland too or obsolete childhood, tagged me for a “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenge!!!

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321 Quote Me – Expression



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I just did not know which direction to go in with this topic. In itself, the word “expression” has several different definitions, it can be a phrase, a facial mannerism that conveys emotions, or it can be an act of communicating one’s thoughts or feelings. In the end I chose two quotes that are slightly different interpretations of the word “expression”.

This is something my mum taught me.  She is such a beautiful person – inside and out. I never heard her say unkind things about others, even those who she had a right to complain about. She is mild and delightful.

When somebody provokes me, I try to think of my lovely mum – the personification of grace and tact and diplomacy. I am so grateful to have a wonderful mum who has set such a good example for us. Unless there is a complete eeeey-yat in front of you who clearly seeks to harm you, always choose to be lovely and kind – like my mum!


Here is another quote that struck a chord with me. I think that my mum and my dad set a wonderful example in being the best kind of humans. From the youngest age I saw them, not only caring for the seven of us children, but caring for others too.

They have always been kind and helpful. People in our home town loved my parents. They nurtured in us the quality of thinking about other people and showing that we care.

Probably the role where my ability to care for others was most tapped into was working in health care – specifically with patients with terminal illnesses. Aaaaah sigh! Perhaps the most demanding, but definitely the most rewarding and meaningful time of my life.


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Because I’m Happy!

It is winter in Australia. Am I happy that I am spending my holidays in the Australian wintry season which is just as grey as bland as any winter without snow? You bet’ya I am happy!!! I have every reason to be happy! I am with Goldfinch 🙂

But even without Goldfinch, my happiness comes from a different source. It’s not a secret really, but to some who cannot comprehend how someone who does not own any property or vehicle, and has so few possessions, has serious health issues after being the victim of a serious crime, and has lost friends because of the slander she was victim of…why should I be so deeply happy?

happy winter.jpg

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3, 2, 1 Quote me! – Happiness


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321 Quote Me – Happiness

Well…I remember a lot being said to me about happiness as I was growing up, especially on the topic of what would bring real happiness. I remember many conversations we had within my family or close friends. The main thrust was being happy within your current circumstances rather than thinking that you need a change in situation to be happy. For example, if I hoped to be happily married one day, the best chance I had was to be happy as a single person. I was taught happiness is not just about transitory pleasures, or things, or even people. So when I saw this quote I was in agreement with it. I think it might be hard to read in this picture but it says: DON’T LET YOUR HAPPINESS DEPEND ON SOMETHING YOU MAY LOSE – C.S Lewis

happy quote

My second choice of quote is one that reflects much of how I feel about happiness. It mentions a good conscience. I am not sure that young ones are taught how essential a good conscience is to happiness. I hear of people doing the most abhorrent things, and they don’t seem to show any remorse. It is frightening in some respects. Except that I am not surprised. It was forecast that people would be this way.

A good conscience, good health, occupation and freedom in all just pursuits. I think Thomas Jefferson’s quote is a very wise one. Again he mentions that happiness ought not to depend on our current circumstances. I have known some special individuals who had very difficult circumstances – loss of homes and possessions, serious illness, incarceration for a matter of conscience, loss of jobs and friends – but you can see that the inner person, the happy heart, is intact. Because they know they have lived well, done what is good and right and they know that their Creator is smiling down with utter pride at the them. They possess an unshakeable happiness that does not depend on circumstances. They are confident that current suffering is temporary.

happy quote 1.jpg

Their secret to real happiness. It is only a secret because so many people mistakenly pursue possessions, money, fame, friends, status, hobbies, romance and a bunch of things that can bring a degree of happiness, pleasure and can keep you busy. But not the unshakeable happiness that lives on even if you were to lose all of the those things.

If you know the real secret of happiness, unshakeable happiness that does not depend on circumstances – then spread it!

happy jam

It is not possible really to finish this post without a nod to THE HAPPY SONG!!!


I have been tagged for a “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenge on the theme FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD, by Rory himself, aka Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!, the architect of these challenges, as you can see from his original post below:

321 Quote Me – Food Glorious Food


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I don’t know why. but I always feel closer to those of my friends I have eaten with / dined with and especially those with whom I eat with / dine with regularly. It always makes me feel more comfortable, more informal, and just as if I have a closer bond with those friends. And I love it. Having dinner with a bunch of friends or family is probably my favourite way to spend and evening – especially when it’s home cooking we are devouring.

More important than the food itself, is the atmosphere. It is so wonderful to be with people who you cannot help but love. No tensions, no rivalries – just peace and harmony. It is so much better for the digestion. Even if you have the simplest of fare – where there is love, you will thrive.

Is the topic of food a good enough excuse to include a song which always makes me think of Jack? He always sang this at dinner!

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Make Your Own Kind Of Music

violinist.jpgI have been falling way way behind in all aspects of blogging. Please feel free to give me a shout if I seem to be missing your posts. I am speed reading as much as I can of the many posts that appear in my Reader. I lost a couple of days completely when I just did not have time to open my lap-top at all. But I am trying to spend a little time each day.

Over an month ago I received a tag for the “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenge on the theme THE BEAUTY OF GREAT MUSIC from the lovely Sadje, creator of Keep it alive, as you can see from her post below:

321 Quote me

The “3.2.1 Quote Me!” Challenges originate of course with Rory, the creator of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! This is Rory’s original post which explains exactly how these challenges work:

321 Quote Me – The Beauty of Great Music

pianistI will admit to you right now…this topic was not as easy as I thought it would be at first. I will explain why. I love music as much as the next person. As a teenager I worked for a record company and I was obsessed with music! I am very aware of the powerful effect it could have on my my mood, attitude and emotions. But because some of that effect was harmful to me…I started to limit the amount of music I listened to and I became much more selective about lyrics. When I was looking for quotes for the challenge, I thought some of them were a bit unbalanced. They reminded me of the obsessive view of music I used to have. So in the end I chose two quotes that are a bit more positive and healthy and balanced.


Thank the Selector – THANKS SADJE! 🙂

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 “The Beauty of Great Music”


LIFE! It makes me tingle to think of all that word means. When I think of all the verses and the main chorus of my life so far, a fraction of which I have been able to write about, it makes up quite an incredible symphony.

Think of your own life – the song or symphony of your life. The high and low notes. The crescendos, the beat to which you live, the rhythm which shapes your life.

I want to make my life a sweet song, one that delights me and that others would enjoy the melody of. May your life too be a beautiful harmony that enchants others 🙂


I love singing! I love karaoke especially. music quote

I find singing helps me feel better when I am sad. In fact, do you remember I was having a mini-meltdown last week when I was overwhelmed by concerns? Well one day when I was sobbing like a baby and did not know why, I knew I needed a speedy strategy snap-out of it. So I started to sing! I had a good old croon! I was belting out some tunes from the sixties and it made me feel a lot better very quickly.

I don’t need a lot of encouragement to sing – it’s something I love to do. I have no idea what this quote is supposed to mean exactly…but it did strike a chord with me! I am surely one of those people who wish to sing and can always find a song.

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