I Have Not Had Flutters Like This Since I Was A Teenager

in loveWhen I was a teenager there was a certain dance song that was hugely popular. I have not heard it for years, but it came into my head the other day when I was thinking about Goldfinch.

Now that I have started (well almost finished) my packing, I am ridiculously excited about going out to see him.

He sure does make me feel like loving him…and dancing around my bedroom in my underwear too. (Well I had to try on all of my new lingerie to make sure that it fitted properly!) Not long now!!!! Sooooooooo close!!

When Your Heart Is Brimming

It is one of those days! My eyes have been drinking in beauty and wonder and I am walking around with a heart brimming over with delight that I am alive.

I am going to Australia! I am going to see my gorgeous Goldfinch! I am singing in my heart and out loud! So excited!

Tomorrow, I am working, but when I am back at the little nest – I am going to start packing! How exciting!!!!