How Will I Get To You?

Young, Portrait, Sad, Doubts, Concerned

I worry about you

When this world is inside out and upside down

It really worries me

You’re on the opposite side of the planet

How will I get to you?

To protect you and those important to you?

Oh how will I save you?

From being swept up with the propaganda?

I would feel so guilty

If you did something because you just don’t know

What is going to happen

This world system is going to turn on itself

Promise me you’ll listen

To my words and remember what I told you

Don’t go along with them

They don’t know it, but they’re heading to their end

I love you more than life

I would give everything I had to save you

I cannot sleep at night

Worrying that I might lose you forever


Where Are You Now?

I heard a song playing on the radio at work. It choked me up! I was walking home with the words “Where are you now?” echoing around my head.

Silhouette, Traveller, Mountains, LightWhile one of the most gorgeous men on the planet is in a remote part of the world, he is cut off from communications. I start to fear all sorts of things may have happened to him. What if an anaconda found him when he was sleeping? Or…no, I won’t list all of my bizarre anxieties.

Travel is wonderful. I am happy for him. But my mind keeps on going over all of the random hazards and dangers that could harm him in some way. I can’t bear to think of him being hurt.

Where are you now Goldfinch? All I need to know is that you are safe. I want you to be happy, healthy and free. But I need to know you are safe!