Guess Who I Am Heading To See?

Finished my marathon work day…

…Guess WHO I am heading to spend the weekend with?

…And I do suspect he will feel rather vindicated about salty popcorn.  He is bound to feel a little victorious!  I don’t care…anything to make him happy.

Thank you to everyone who shared their favourite (or their not being so keen on popcorn at all in some cases!)  It’s not too late to send a comment – especially if you like sweet popcorn!!!  Could do with some support for the sweet side.


PS. Is this post brief and meaningful enough to be described as “pithy”?  That’s the definition Google gave me – “brief and meaningful”.


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Where The Tears Began

After an almost perfect weekend in Bath, I have been trying to catch up with my house-work and just letting my mind rest.  I was quite emotional at the weekend as  I mentioned in my post last night.  Thank you for the lovely comments by the way! I do regret crying so much, as I am sure Goldfinch wants to have fun and enjoy England as much as possible before he leaves in just over three months.

I want to tell you all about the trip to Bath…well, except for what is between Goldfinch and me alone…but, I don’t want a post that is so long that you won’t want to read it!  So I will post the highlights (and lowlights) of our weekend in easier bite-size chunks. This first post is about what happened when we arrived at our hotel.  There was some confusion with our reservation and it turned out they didn’t have a room for us!  So we ended up trying to find alternative accommodation at the last minute.

We ended up here:


Thank goodness Goldfinch had his car, as we had to drive eight miles through rolling countryside to a village near Bath.  But we were both pleased when we arrived and saw our hotel.

A building that is hundreds of years old and full of exquisite character and charm.  It was hidden away in a sleepy village and we had delightful hosts, who clearly love what they do.

Our room is the one just to the top right of the porch.  It was beautiful, undoubtedly superior to the one we had thought we would be staying at for the night.  Yummy full English breakfast (vegetarian for me)  in the morning as well,  along with fruit that had been freshly picked from the garden.  (Note to self – they have a karaoke machine in one of the large lounges for guests to use…just in case I am passing through again.)

I really do believe I was tired…I have just had two weeks of training at my new job…and have done a lot to help out my landlady while she was away.  I had worked well over fifty hours the week before I travelled to meet Goldfinch and I think it made me just a bit more emotional than I am sure Goldfinch would have preferred.

The tears started rolling at the most inopportune time!!!  I don’t know what he thought!  But he was wonderful about it.

I am in love with him – as you have heard before.  It is not a flimsy, fickle, capricious love.  It is an abiding, enduring steadfast love.  And it really hurts that I don’t have long left with him.  I am trying to make sure that every moment I am with him is wonderful…but because I was tired, my eyes were incredibly leaky this weekend as I mentioned last night when I came back to London.

Being with Goldfinch in such an idyllic, charming hotel perhaps intensified my romantic feelings for him and it all came gushing out.

woman cryingI am feeling a bit raw inside today after finding myself weepy several times when I was with my beloved Goldfinch…but I have a couple of days to get myself together and rest up before I am back at work on Wednesday.

In the meantime…more posts about our visit to Bath to come…I am just feeling a tiny bit sulky…and I see no reason why I should not try to cheer myself up with a curry…I have a cupboard full of spices…so I think a bit of cooking and eating will cheer me up after all the house-work I have ploughed through today!


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Pining For Goldfinch

Goldfinch is on holiday.  He is staying in a mansion with a group of friends and they are indulging in one of their favourite hobbies this bank holiday weekend.

I am happy for he is happy – he is in his element this weekend.  I am very happy that he is happy.

I, however, am pining after him, and will confess I am a little leaky eyed thinking of how dear to me he has become.

I am not sure how to use the word prompt interrelationship…but it made me think of the relationship that is bringing me intense joy and at times sadness…my beloved Goldfinch who will be leaving in less that three months for Australia.

Only Connect

I saw the word prompt “CONNECT” and immediately thought of Howard’s End by E.M. Forster.  I wish I had time to write more about this, but I really must go to bed.
“She would only point out the salvation that was latent in his own soul, and in the soul of every man. Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer.”

She Clearly Thought I Was A Nutcase

I met someone last week who has never seen this video.  She has no idea who Gru is, or who the minions are, as she has never seen Despicable Me.  My face was like…”what? you don’t know who the minions are?  Where have you been?  You poor deprived little lamb!”  I could not believe she had never become acquainted with the minions.

I have a couple of friends who are brilliant at being the minions…every now and then they just break out into their little minions sketch.  It is so so funny.  I started trying to relay how hysterical it was to the young woman who has never heard of or seen the minions or Gru.  She gave me the raised eye-brow kind of “Really?!!”

I was trying my best to relate to her just how very very funny they are, to the point where I was crying with laughter trying to reenact the whole banana battle.  I was trying so hard to prove to her that the minions short movies are comedy genius, she may have mistaken my ardour for conniption.

Nothing I said seemed to convince her that this stuff is incredible.  She just kept looking at me as if I was from another planet.  Oh well!  It’s her loss.  If you have not seen this…oh goodness – where have you been?  My friends and I still love an evening now and then with nothing but online minions short movies.

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A Movie Memory In Bath

I am wondering if you are reminded of the same movie scene I am when you see this photograph:

To be honest, I was not sure when I saw it, I just remarked to Goldfinch that it reminds me of the scene in Les Miserables where Javert is having his meltdown…or crises of conscience.

javertAfter spying on Enjolras and his companions at the barricade, Javert is recognized and captured.  Jean Val-Jean (who is there to find Marius, with whom Cosette is in love) volunteers to execute Javert, but rather than dispense with Javert’s life, Jean Val-Jean shows him mercy and allows him to escape. Javert cannot handle the fact that Jean Val-Jean could have rid himself of the man who has been hunting him down, but instead showed him mercy.  Javert has been pursuing Jean Val-Jean for many years believing his goal was to dispense justice.

Well…when I arrived back in London, I googled where this scene of Javert’s demise was filmed and sure enough it was Pulteney Weir in Bath.  These are two of my photos of Pulteney Weir…where Javert’s crises was filmed:

Goldfinch and I shared a cream tea in a little cafe on Pulteney Bridge – well I drank all of the tea, he had a Ferrero Rocher milkshake…but we shared the scones.   Nothing like tea and scones to help you get a handle on your life.clotted cream

I have read “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo three times.  I love it, it is one of my all time favourite novels.  It is is just such a long read.  Epic!  The musical – well…some of the songs are frankly marvellous, I think you have to be a bit hard-hearted not to find them touching.  Although I find it really hard to hear Fantine singing “I Dreamed A Dream” without thinking of Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell which, I am afraid to say, casts a bit of a cloud over it for me.

Anyway…so far, nobody has ruined this gorgeous song for me yet…although I wondered if I will be able to bear hearing it after Goldfinch has gone to Australia?  At least there will always be plenty of tea and scones to wash away my sadness.  If Javert had only turned right at the bridge and found the same cafe as Goldfinch and I…after a cuppa and a warm scone with jam and cream, things would have been in much better perspective.

Go on…turn it up…let the tears flow!  Then afterwards make yourself a cuppa.


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When In Bath, Live As The Romans Do

Lots of photos after the weekend I spent with Goldfinch in the city of Bath.  These are some of my photos of the Roman Baths…how could we not visit the Roman Baths…? 

It is a fascinating location…I was impressed by how much information was available…it took us over two hours to get round all of the exhibits listening to the information on the handsets they gave to us on our entrance.  There was a lot of information about the worship carried out at the temple next to the baths.

My photos don’t do it justice it all!  These are from Bath tourism websites:





The have excavated so much, and there are even more renovations in process which will double the size of the site (I believe those areas will be open to the public in 2020.)  Today there is a lot to see and learn, but back then it must have been quite an experience for the nose with the aroma of sheep or cattle on the altar and all of the essential oils being used for massages before bathers dipped into the waters.  Quite redolent!

We were told that the waters that we looked out on, fed by a natural spring, may have fallen upon the Mendip Hills 10,000 years ago…that is how long it has taken to percolate through the limestone.

Although there is no chance of donning a toga or having a dip in the actual Roman baths, you are able to sample the water to drink, which has minerals and substances such as sodium, calcium, chloride and sulphate ions in high concentrations.  There was a chart comparing the substances within the spring water to those in San Pellegrino and Perrier and other brands.  It was rather lukewarm though!  I have to say the temperature of the water made me recoil, but other than that the taste was not unpleasant.

The waters from Bath’s thermal springs were not as salty spicy hot as my tears this past weekend.

But enough of that nonsense…life is to be enjoyed…emphasis on JOY!!!

Hard times…incredibly hard times at times…you have to seize ever scrap of wonderful you can and cling tight hold of it…life should be beautiful.  Horde beautiful moments, treasure them.  Who knows when you will desperately need them to help you through the hard times?





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